Posted on Oct 24, 2006

Rabbi Simcha Weinstein,book signing,Up Up, and Oy Vey!

They’re strong. They’re virile. They fight for truth, justice and the American Way. Now, imagine your fave comic book superheroes donning spandex tights and a yarmulke and you’ve captured the essence of “Up, Up, and Oy Vey!,” the best-selling book by Rabbi Simcha Weinstein contrasting comic book superheroes and the Jewish mind.

Rabbi Simcha brings his unique blend of humor, religion and historic culture to Union College Thursday, Oct. 26 at 6 p.m. for a talk and book signing sponsored by Hillel in the Reamer Auditorium.

Born Simon Weinstein in Manchester, England, Rabbi Simcha grew up on comic books and entertainment, eventually pursuing a bachelor’s in film history from Manchester Metropolitan University. But, his passion for media and pop culture left him with a void.

Abandoning his own Clark Kent existence, he reverted to his Hebrew name “Simcha” and changed his vocation to a passion and dedication to becoming a Rabbi or “teacher.” Marriage brought him to New York City where he founded the Jewish Student Foundation of Downtown Brooklyn and is the rabbi of Pratt Institute and Long Island College Hospital.

Rabbi Simcha’s book explores the origin and history of comic book superheroes and their foundation in Jewish tradition—from the early creators’ own ethnicity and adjustment to Jewish-American life, to the superheroes’ evolution from the powerful, vibrant, biblical characters they personified.

Combining his passion for comic books, entertainment and tradition, Rabbi Simcha envisioned a book that would teach, inspire, engage and entertain a vast majority of individuals. His research included collaborations with Floyd Hughes, professor at Pratt Institute and former Marvel® artist; Steven M. Bergson, comic book historian and librarian at the Jewish Public Library of Toronto and comic book legend Stan Lee.

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