Posted on Aug 29, 2008

Ad hoc committees are reviewing the tenure of six professors: Aaron Cass, Computer Science; Palma Catravas, ECE; Zhilan Feng, UGC; Deidre Hill Butler, Sociology; Jennifer Matsue, Music; and Andrew Morris, History. Members of the Union Community may submit written comments on their teaching, service or scholarship to committee members. Committees (with chairs listed first) are:

Cass: Robert Wells, History (ext. 6223,; David Hemmendinger, CS; Bradford Bruno, Mechanical Engineering; and Joanne Kehlbeck, Chemistry

Catravas: Louisa Matthew, Visual Arts (ext. 6371,; Yu Chang, ECE; Andrew Rapoff, Mechanical Engineering; and Kenneth DeBono, Psychology

Feng: Shelton Schmidt, Economics (ext. 6218,; James Lambrinos, UGC; David Gerhan, Schaffer Library; and Rebecca Koopmann, Physics and Astronomy

Hill Butler: Ruth Stevenson, English (ext. 6206, ; Melinda Goldner, Sociology; Tomas Dvorak, Economics; and Christina Tonnesen-Friedman, Mathematics

Matsue: Quynh Chu-LaGraff, Biology (ext. 6724,; Timothy Olsen, Music; Bernhard Kuhn, English; and Michele Angrist, Political Science

Morris: Martin Benjamin, Visual Arts (ext. 6455,; John Cramsie, History; Clifford Brown, Political Science; and George Shaw, Geology