Posted on Sep 25, 2008

The Mandeville Gallery, Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program, Department of History, and Department of Modern Languages and Literatures are sponsoring a film series in connection with the upcoming “Parabolas Mexicanas,” an exhibition of works by Mexican artists Bernardo González and Francisco Verástegui. The exhibit will run from Oct. 9 through Feb. 8. (The Chronicle will feature more on the exhibit and related events in future issues).

The film series kicks off Wednesday, Oct. 1, with all films shown in Reamer Campus Center at 7 p.m., except where noted. Here’s the fall term schedule:

The Other Conquest, Meixcan film

Oct. 1: “The Other Conquest (La Otra Conquista)” (1998); directed by Salvador Carrasco. An historical drama set during the Spanish expedition to conquer the Aztec Empire, this film reflects the continuation of Aztec spirit through the adaptation of Catholicism in Mexico.

Oct. 15: “María Candelaria” (1944); directed by Emilio Fernández. In this Mexican classic, a young girl (Delores del Rio) is mercilessly persecuted by her townspeople because of her mother’s immoral behavior.

Oct. 29: “La Ley de Herodes” (2000); directed by Luis Estrada. A harsh critique of Mexico’s long-ruling PRI party, this dark comedy follows the education of a small-town politician as he is shown how to rule through violence and corruption by a visiting PRI official.

Nov. 12:Canoa” (1976); directed by Filipe Cazals. This is a true story of a group of students who accidentally fall victim to a town controlled by a paranoid and fanatical priest. Also, at 9 p.m., Nazarín” (1958); directed by Luis Bunuel. This is the story of a simple priest trying to live by Christian precepts, with horrifying consequences.