Posted on May 22, 2009

Ron Herout '12 in his dorm room

There’s nothing particularly special about Ron Herout’s dorm room in West College. It's got bunk beds, the odd sweatshirt dangling on a doorknob, two small desks and a book shelf stocked with new flicks and classic novels like “Catch 22.”

But it also has something unique.

“It’s a kind of weird and kind of cool coincidence that I’m living in my grandfather’s old room,” Herout ’12 said with a laugh.

His grandfather is thrilled.

“I think it’s great,” Ron Strahan ’56 said. “I knew he was going to be in West, but I didn’t know his room number, and I couldn’t remember exactly what room I’d been in.

"Then my freshman roommate, Bill Cooper, and I looked at a yearbook,” he continued. “It said we were in 410, the same room Ron’s in now.”

Ron Strahan '56 during his days at Union

The two share more than bloodlines and a dorm room. During his time at Union, Strahan earned degrees in mechanical engineering and economics. Herout is also a mechanical engineering major, and he is glad his grandfather introduced him to the College at a young age.

“He brought me here when I was about 12, and the campus made an impression,” Herout said. “It’s still making an impression.

“I like that we have a good engineering program, but that we’re not all engineers,” he added. “I really value the variety of people and interests at Union.”

Strahan couldn’t be happier about this.

“I very much liked what I got out of Union, and I’m glad Ron’s enjoying it too,” he said.