Posted on Jul 13, 2009


  • Cristina Liquori ‘10

Topic: Napa Valley Tourism

Advisor: George Gmelch



  • Pieter Boskin ‘10

Topic: Kinetics of phagocyte knockdown and recovery in the basal chordate Botyllus schlosseri

Advisor: Robert Lauzon

  • Juan Canales ‘10

Topic: Exploring the molecular, structural, and functional aspects of Palmitoyl-protein thioesterase 2 (Ppt2) in Drosophila melanogaster through a multidisciplinary computational approach

Advisor: Quynh Chu-LaGraff

  • Tyler Cross ‘10

Topic: A comparison of techniques in removing Japanese barberry

Advisor: Jeff Corbin

  • Maria Dzialo ‘10

Topic: Molecular dissection of a caveolin interacting motif in the follicle stimulating hormone receptor

Advisor: Brian Cohen

  • Rivka Fidel ‘10

Topic: Analysis of Blue Lupin nutritional quality with respect to growing conditions and host suitability

Advisor: Steve Rice

  • Matthew Hanley ‘11

Topic: Investigating the function of PKA in the mushroom fungus schizophyllum commune

Advisor: Stephen Horton

  • Shabana Hoosein ‘11

Topic: Response of forest community to fire within first two years

Advisor: Jeff Corbin

  • Natalie Koncki ‘10

Topic: The environmental impact of forest biofuels

Advisor: Jeff Corbin

  • Nikhil Kothari ‘10

Topic: The sugar transporter sts 1 and its’ regulation of the B mating-type pathway in S. commune

Advisor: Steven Horton

  • Kathleen O’Connor ‘10

Topic: Immune trade-offs in meso-mammals, Sciurids or shrews

Advisor: Kathleen LoGuidice

  • Patrick O’Hern ‘11

Topic: Identification of genes interacting with Palmitoyl protein thioesterase 1 during embryonic neurogenesis

Advisor: Quynh Chu-LaGraff

  • Suzanne Ostrow ‘11

Topic: Immune trade-offs in meso-mammals, Sciurids or shrews

Advisor: Kathleen LoGuidice

  • Alyssa Simeone ‘11

Topic: Examining evidence for water absorption in the intestine of Leucoraja erinacea

Advisor: Nicole Theodosiou



  • Sujana Adhikari ‘12

Topic: Gas sensors based on aerogels

Advisor: Mary Carroll

  • Valerie Angell ‘10

Topic: Developing and testing libraries of pyrrolidine-triazoles: A new class of organocatalysts

Advisor: James Adrian

  • Dillon Betancourt ‘10

Topic: Cloning a metacaspase from S. commune

Advisor: Kristin Fox

  • Justin Blau ‘09

Topic: Thermal studies of polyaniline nanostructures for applications in solar cell devices

Advisor: Michael Hagerman

  • Lauren Brown ‘11

Topic: Fabrication and characterization of titania and silica-titania aerogels

Advisor: Mary Carroll

  • Rachel Eastman ‘10

Topic: Isolation and identification of anti-parasitic compounds in Paulownia tomentosa: The survival of the Allegheny woodrat

Advisor: Joanne Kehlbeck

  • Rachel Gray ‘10

Topic: Proline, simplest enzyme, catalysis of the 1,4-conjugate addition of N-substituted sulfona

Advisor: James Adrian

  • Paul Hebert ‘10

Topic: Spectroscopic analysis of the binding of perfluorochemicals to serum albumin

Advisor: Laura MacManus-Spencer 

  • Alison Kracunas ‘11

Topic: Photochemical degradation of ultraviolet filter chemicals

Advisor: Laura MacManus-Spencer

  • Jackie Krolick ‘10

Topic: Synthesis and assessment of novel molecular transporters containing the guanidinium moiety

Advisor: Joanne Kehlbeck

  • Sangin Lee ‘10

Topic: Electrospinning of conductive polymer nanofiber mats for solar applications

Advisor: Michael Hagerman

  • Darrin Liau ‘11

Topic: Hybrid inorganic-organic membranes based on nafion/laponite nanocomposites

Advisor: Michael Hagerman

  • Reshad Mahmud ‘11

Topic: Development of experiments for a new course: “Painting: Science and Art”

Advisor: Mary Carroll

  • Katie Morris ‘11

Topic: The synthesis and evaluation of novel molecular transporters

Advisor: Joanne Kehlbeck

  • Kenneth Skorenko ‘10

Topic: Controlled morphology of Laponite clay using cryogenic freezing

Advisor: Michael Hagerman

  • Clancy Slack ‘11

Topic: Use of NMR in identifying the active component of complex biological mixtures

Advisor: Joanne Kehlbeck

  • Zach Smith ‘10

Topic: Isolation and identification of biologically active compounds in Paulownia tomentosa

Advisor: Joanne Kehlbeck

  • Michael Topka ‘09

Topic: AFM studies on polyaniline and poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene): poly(styrene sulfonate)

Advisor: Michael Hagerman



  • Rachel Hogue ‘11

Topic: Comparative analysis of ancient Greek literary texts (NSF-CPATH Computation Initiative)

Advisor: Tarik Wareh


Computer Science

  • Carley Jacobson ‘10

Topic: Graphical visualization of cascading selective

Advisor: Aaron Cass

  • Petr Smejkal (exchange student)

Topic: Reinforcement learning in natural language generation

Advisor: Kristina Striegnitz

  • Paul Tunison ‘11

Topic: Second life tour guide: A project in direction giving and receiving

Advisor: Kristina Striegnitz



  • Ondrej Kubera (exchange student)

Topic: computation of dynamic models in economics

Advisor: Stephen Schmidt

  • Emily LaCroix ‘11

Topic: Home values and private and Catholic schools

Advisor: Stephen Schmidt

  • Brian Matthews ‘10

Topic: Investment policy statements and 403b plans

Advisor: Tomas Dvorak


Electrical & Computer Engineering

  • Konstantin Avdashenko ‘10

Topic: An advanced wearable running monitor

Advisor: Shane Cotter

  • Demarcus Hamm ‘10

Topic: Sensor networks

Advisor: Cherrice Traver

  • Angela McLelland ‘11

Topic: Labelling phase transitions in lung pressure contours of speech utterance

Advisor: Helen Hanson

  • Conor O’Reilly ‘10

Topic: A bi-directional, non-invasive direct neural sensor and stimulator array

Advisor: James Hedrick

  • Alexander Perkins ‘10

Topic: A portable fall detection system based on arduino platform

Advisor: Shane Cotter

  • Zach Polen ‘10

Topic: Acoustic cues to syllable-final stop consonants

Advisor: Helen Hanson



  • Trevor Porter ‘11

Topic: Get a Second Life

Advisor: Ashraf Ghaly

  • Elias Samia ‘11

Topic: Use of industrial refuse in developing green concrete for a sustainable environment

Advisor: Ashraf Ghalt



  • Samanatha Zayas ‘11

Topic: Poetry and pedagogy: The place of creative writing in the English curriculum

Advisor: Jordan Smith



  • Shannon Brady ‘11

Topic: Mineral assemblages of volcanic rocks from Montserrat as implications of magmatic processes

Advisor: Holli Frey

  • Sarah Connor ‘10

Topic: Analysis of lake cores and glaciation in the Central Peruvian Andes

Advisor: Donald Rodbell

  • Rebecca Gronczniak ‘11

Topic: Weathering of volcanic rocks in the Pacific Northwest

Advisor: Holli Frey

  • Tyler Izkowski ‘11

Topic: Sediment transport and deposition processes in dynamic hydroclimate environments

Advisor: Jaclyn Cockburn

  • Matthew Kissane ‘10

Topic: Geochemical weathering patterns in intermediate and felsic volcanic rocks, Cascades, Ore.

Advisor: Holli Frey

  • Zdenek Papez (exchange student)

Topic: Computer modeling of drainage network development

Advisor: George Shaw

  • Sarah Tonry ‘10

Topic: Analysis of lake cores and glaciation in the Central Peruvian Andes

Advisor: Donald Rodbell



  • Claire Chazen ‘10

Topic: Doids and yuppies: A historical perspective on the Union-Schenectady relationship

Advisor: Andrew Morris

  • Lisa Crawford ‘10

Topic: Making women’s rights history and Union’s coeducation history accessible

Advisor: Andrea Foroughi

  • Adam Koslin ‘10

Topic: The Rapp-Coudert investigations

Advisor: Andrew Feffer

  • Lily Marto ‘12

Topic: Women’s Work

Advisor: Andrea Foroughi



  • Daniel Gnoutcheff ‘11

Topic: The mediancenter-Borda rule for many alternatives

Advisor: William Zwicker


Mechanical Engineering

  • Michael Fitzpatrick ‘10

Topic: Passive valve-less flow-through water pasteurization system

Advisor: David Hodgson

  • Krystle Gallo ‘12

Topic: Biomechanics of embryonic heart development

Advisor: Ashok Ramasubramanian

  • Cory Gionet ‘10

Topic: Isostress analysis of maxillary canines in cercopithecoid monkeys

Advisor: Andrew Rapoff

  • Jessica Lord ‘10

Topic: Determination of the loading on a bird feather shaft and testing of the constant stress hypothesis

Advisor: Bill Keat

  • Drew McConnell ‘10

Topic: Power generation from vaporization of liquefied natural gas

Advisor: Frank Wicks

  • Bernadette Peace ‘10

Topic: Development of spin-coating techniques for nanomaterial films on substrates

Advisor: Becky Cortez

  • Diana Polli ‘10

Topic: Before, now and forward: Peak oil

Advisor: Frank Wicks

  • Peter Schulte ‘11

Topic: Non-linear analysis of aerogels under compression using finite elements

Advisor: Bill Keat

  • Jodi Schwartz ‘11

Topic: Thermal inactivation of waterborne pathogens

Advisor: David Hodgson

  • Katie Sofia ‘10

Topic: Testing and optimization of an optically enhanced solar thermal collector system

Advisor: Richard Wilk

  • Jessica Sosa ‘10

Topic: Characterization of laponite nanocomposites through scanning electron microscopy

Advisor: Rebecca Cortez

  • Rebecca Wentworth ‘11

Topic: Development of spin-coating techniques for nanomaterial films on substrates

Advisor: Rebecca Cortez


Modern Languages

  • Jan Spidlen (exchange student)

Topic: Film studies technologies and computation: Assessing the tools and creating better tools for class presentations

Advisor: Michelle Chilcoat



  • Casey Sheridan ‘10

Topic: Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale of all: An exploration of East Asian narrative singing

Advisor: Jennifer Matsue



  • Ian Clemente ‘10

Topic: Formulation of Union’s new academic honor code

Advisor: Robert Baker

  • Hyma Kavuri ‘10

Topic: Bioethics

Advisor: Robert Baker

  • Chandni Vaid ‘11

Topic: Bioethics

Advisor: Robert Baker



  • Daniel Barringer ‘11

Topic: Modeling neutron capture rates of the r-Process in shocked wind supernovae

Advisor: Rebecca Surman

  • Hillary Bauer ‘11

Topic: First order phase transitions of physically confined chemicals in nano porous silica

Advisor: Samuel Amanuel

  • Peter Bonventre ‘11

Topic: Synthesis of titanium-based sol-gels

Advisor: Samuel Amanuel

  • Jonathan Chew ‘12

Topic: Assembly of Union’s radio interferometer and development of undergraduate astro. labs

Advisor: Jon Marr

  • SreyNoch Chin ‘12

Topic: A survey of neutral hydrogen properties of the NGC 5846 group of galaxies

Advisor: Rebecca Koopman

  • Colin Gleason ‘11

Topic: Compositional analysis of atmospheric aerosols using proton induced x-ray emission

Advisor: Mike Vineyard

  • Charles Harrington ‘11

Topic: Mossbauer spectroscopy of environmental materials
Advisor: Mike Vineyard

  • Ana Mikler ‘12

Topic: Neutron capture and element synthesis in black hole-neutron star mergers

Advisor: Rebecca Surman

  • Benjamin Miles ‘10

Topic: Counting krypton atoms using laser cooling

Advisor: Chad Orzel

  • Katie Schuff ‘12

Topic: Investigation of the distribution of mercury in orange roughy by PIXE and particle accelerator

Advisor: Scott LaBrake 

  • Michael Varughese ‘10

Topic: Building a Portable Laser Tweezing Apparatus

Advisor: Chad Orzel


Political Science

  • Daniele Beauman ‘11

Topic: Voting power under different electoral systems

Advisor: Clifford Brown

  • Gillian Bland ‘10

Topic: Out with the old, in with the new: The potential community college model of the future

Advisor: Terry Weiner

  • Jamie Luguri ‘10

Topic: Variation in media coverage of women candidates: Gender stereotypes and novelty

Advisor: Zoe Oxley

  • Katherine Rodman ‘10

Topic: The politics of governance and resistance in present-day Vietnam

Advisor: Guillermina Seri

  • Aria Walfrand ‘11

Topic: Book project on the doctrine of interposition in American constitutional politics and law

Advisor: Bradley Hays



  • Lyndsay DeMatteo ‘10

Topic: Cybercycle study: the neuropsychological, psychological, and behavioral effects of video-enhanced exercise

Advisor: Cay Anderson-Hanley 

  • Veronica Hopkins ‘10

Topic: Cybercycle study: the neuropsychological, psychological, and behavioral effects of video-enhanced exercise

Advisor: Cay Anderson-Hanley

  • Megan Hyndman ‘10

Topic: Market negativity: Negative framing influences attitude strength

Advisor: George Bizer

  • Lisa McManus ‘10

Topic: Measuring Collective Intelligence

Advisor: Chris Chabris

  • Caitlin Miner ‘11

Topic: The effectiveness of repetitive magnetic stimulation on tinnitus supression

Advisor: Stephen Romero

  • Michelle Russo ‘10

Topic: Cybercycle study: the neuropsychological, psychological, and behavioral effects of video-enhanced exercise

Advisor: Cay Anderson-Hanley

  • Katharine Smidt ‘10

Topic: Emotions and Thoughts

Advisor: Ken DeBono

  • Kimberly Tureck ‘10

Topic: Exergaming and autism: Effects on self-stimulatory behaviors and cognition

Advisor: Cay Anderson-Hanley

  • Vadim Yerokhin ‘11

Topic: Cybercycle study: the neuropsychological, psychological, and behavioral effects of video-enhanced exercise

Advisor: Cay Anderson-Hanley



  • Kimberly Floeser ‘11

Topic: The relationship between online health searching and mental health

Advisor: Melinda Goldner

  • Destinee Laquer ‘12

Topic: A grounded theory analysis of African American stepmothers

Advisor: Deidre Hill-Butler

  • Andrew Mak ‘10

Topic: The prospects for integrative medicine

Advisor: Melinda Goldner

  • Elina Meras ‘10

Topic: Evaluating an innovation in service learning

Advisor: Janet Grigsby

  • Arkeisha Pace ‘11

Topic: African American stepmothers in American visual culture

Advisor: Deidre Hill-Butler


Visual Arts

  • Clarissa Amaral ‘11

Topic: Photography book layout and publishing

Advisor: Martin Benjamin

  • Petr Divis (exchange student)

Topic: Studio assistant for professional photographer

Advisor: Martin Benjamin