Posted on Jan 27, 2010

L. Gordon Moore, physician and health care expert, Feb 2010

L. Gordon Moore, a physician and founder of the Ideal Medical Practices Movement, which is designed to promote caring and dignity in health care, will speak in Emerson Auditorium at the Taylor Music Center Thursday, Feb. 4 at 7 p.m.

The title of his talk is “A Viable Solution to U.S. Health Care Reform by Delivering Personal Care and Better Outcomes.” The event, open to the public, is sponsored by the Health Professions Office and the Pre-Health Society.

Recently named to Healthspottr’s “Future Top 100 list” of “leading minds” in the health care profession, Moore has reinvented high quality personal primary care by prototyping new business models. He is a core faculty member of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Office Practices Communities and principal investigator of the Ideal Medical Practices project. His work has been cited in numerous health care and public media, including The New York Times and Wall St Journal.