Schnitzel, Beer and Beyond…

Expectations: Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Prague, Dresden

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Before arriving in Munich I was especially excited to see the city. Previously I had done a project on the Marienplatz and therefore I was a little familiar with the area. I expected to see traditional German outfits such as the Lederhosen and Dirndl. Among these things I looked forward to the beer and Bavarian food!


Before going to Salzburg, I was not very familiar with the city. The only things that I knew of were it being the birth place of Mozart, and Salzburg is where the Sound of Music was filmed. I expected to see a beautiful city with lots of music!



Vienna of course is the Capital of Austria; this fact alone had me excited to visit. I was expecting to see beautiful buildings and art, but also the classical music influence. Other than these ideas, I had little knowledge and expectations for Vienna. 



In Prague, I again expected there to be an influence of music and art. I also expected a major change in scenery since we were leaving the comforts of German speaking Austria. I was excited to see the types of foods and the differences of this European country in comparison to the ones I had already visited.



Before arriving in Dresden, I knew that the city had been destroyed during WWII and then rebuilt. I was very interested to see how they accomplished such a task from complete and utter ruins. I was also excited to be back in Germany!

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