What is philosophy?

Philosophy concerns some of the biggest questions that have ever been asked, questions like What is the right way to live?, What do we really know?, Is there a God?, and Do we have free will?.  Philosophers don’t ask these questions as mere idle curiosities.  We try to formulate clear answers to them, and to evaluate whether our answers are true by considering the arguments on both sides.  (Read more.)

Benefits of studying philosophy

Philosophy majors take on some of the biggest questions that have ever been asked, and learn how to evaluate them using rigorous arguments.  The study of philosophy exposes students to great debates on deep and important questions, and teaches critical thinking skills that last a lifetime.  But these aren’t the only reasons to study philosophy.  Philosophy majors are also very successful after college, whether they choose to pursue advanced studies or move directly into their careers.  A few majors continue to study philosophy in graduate school, and go on to become philosophy professors.  But most study philosophy as a way of broadening their intellectual horizons before pursuing a career in another field.  Recent philosophy majors from Union College have gone on to careers in law, finance, publishing, education, medicine, public policy, and more.  (Read more.)

Philosophy at Union

The philosophy faculty at Union specialize in a wide variety of areas.  Our doors are always open to students, and we would gladly help you decide which of our many introductory and intermediate philosophy courses would be the best place for you to start.  Our faculty page has information about our faculty’s research backgrounds.  (Read more.)


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