Speaker Series 2010-2011


October 7 2010

Achille Varzi, Columbia University

Boundaries, Conventions, and Realism

October 21 2010

Barry Smith, SUNY Buffalo

How to do Things with Documents?

October 28 2010

Veronique Foti, Penn State University

Rethinking Animality: Merleau-Ponty’s

Engagement with Animal Morphology, Embryology, and Ethology

November 4 2010

Stephen Darwall, Yale University

Justice and Retaliation

January 20 2011

Thomas Bontly, University of Connecticut

How Reasons Explain

February 3 2011

John Kekes, SUNY Albany

Illusions of Autonomy

February 18 2011

Holly Smith, Rutgers University

Epistemic Issues for Moral Agents

March 3 2011

Melissa Barry, Williams College


April 28 2011

Jim Pryor, New York University

Hypothetical Oughts

May 12 2011

Frances Kamm, Harvard University

The Trolley Problem

May 26 2011

Ray Martin, University of Maryland/Union College

The Future of the Self

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