Speaker Series 2012-2013


September 19 2012

Douglas Husak, Rutgers University

How to Aid a Crime

September 27 2012

Anthony Appiah, Princeton University

The Honor Code:  How Moral Revolutions Happen

October 4 2012

Lydia Goehr, Columbia University

Why Music has Nothing to Say to Poetry and Painting

October 18 2012

David Estlund, Brown University

Bad Facts

January 24 2013

Owen Flanagan, Duke University

The Meaning of Life in a Material World

February 7 2013

George Sher, Rice University

Wrongdoing and Relationships: The Problem of the Stranger

February 21 2013

Elizabeth Camp, University of Pennsylvania

Why Metaphors Make Good Insults

March 7 2013

Stephen Leighton, Queens University

Aristotle on Fear and Tragedy

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