Fall 2017: Colloquium Series

Talks are usually scheduled on Thursdays during common hour (12:50 – 1:50 PM) in Room N304 of the Science and Engineering Building, unless otherwise indicated. Lunch is served starting at 12:20PM. All are welcome!

Thursday September 07
1st week of classes: no talk scheduled

Thursday September 14, 2017

Effects of Supplementary Information on Solution Methods to Kinematics Problems

Evan Halstead
Physics Department, Skidmore College

A student once told me that the formula sheets I provided for tests always made her want to immediately jump to the formula sheet for every problem instead of thinking about it first. That got me wondering whether I was inadvertently influencing all of my students’ solution methods with subtle cues. To answer this question, a team of students and I devised an experiment in which participants solved three kinematics questions while having access to either relevant equations, irrelevant equations, an image, or no supplementary information at all. They were then asked to describe their solution process. Answers were grouped by solution method in order to see if the type of supplementary information that was provided correlated with the solution method. I present and comment on the results.

Thursday September 21

Summer Student Poster Day

The department hallways will be decorated by posters by Union College physics majors who participated in summer research this year. The authors will stand by their posters to discuss their work and answer our questions while we all enjoy lunch during our first official colloquium of the new academic year.

Thursday September 28

Chandra Pappu

Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering, Union College

Applications of Chaos in Signal Processing

Thursday October 05

Nelia Mann

Department of Physics & Astronomy, Union College

Thursday October 12

Daniela Bogorin

National Research Council Fellow, Air Force Research Laboratory

Thursday October 19

Viva Horowitz

Department of Physics, Hamilton College

Thursday October 26

Eric Cotts

Physics Department, Materials Science Program, Binghamton University

Thursday November 02

Tom Mazur

Thursday November 09

No: seminar (NYSS-APS and ASNY joint meeting will be held on Nov 10-11, 2017 at Union College)

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