Alex Safiq '14 and Will Linthicum '14

Alex Safiq ’14 and Will Linthicum ’14

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Astronomy, as well as minors in Physics, Astrophysics, and Astronomy. The major sequences are ten courses each, plus several courses in mathematics and other sciences. The minor programs require six courses each. Brief descriptions of our majors and minors may be found at these links: Physics  ,  Astronomy and  Astrophysics. A complete listing of courses and requirements can be found in Union’s online course catalogue (the Academic Register), including the Physics and Astronomy pages. For a less formal introduction to the courses offered within the department, select one of the following links:

We also offer two sets of sample schedules for students interested in how the required courses fit into their four years:

Prof. Vineyard works with Salina Ali '15 and Josh Yoskowitz '16

Prof. Vineyard works with Salina Ali ’15 and Josh Yoskowitz ’16

Some of the best education a young scientist can obtain occurs outside the classroom, and the department provides a variety of extracurricular opportunities with this in mind. Independent research with a faculty colleague is required for the degree in physics, and many of our majors go well beyond the minimum requirements, spending summers at Union or at national laboratories doing research. The results of these student research projects have been presented at national and international conferences, and in student-coauthored articles for scientific journals. The department also maintains an active colloquium series to help keep students and faculty in touch with exciting developments elsewhere.
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