Intellectual Life

The Political Science Department emphasizes small classroom learning situations. Aside from the introductory courses, and occasional special offerings, classes typically will have no more than 25 students. In all of our courses, students come to know different members of the faculty personally and become familiar with different approaches to the study of politics.

Throughout our curriculum we promote active learning where students are expected to engage in the intellectual enterprise of discussing ideas with their peers and professors.

To further facilitate classroom engagement several faculty utilize intricate simulations of the United Nations, U.S. Congress, and Presidential Elections.

In choosing a course of study, students select among a wide variety of classes focusing on U.S. politics, international affairs, comparative politics, and political philosophy. All courses emphasize the development of analytic thinking and writing skills; and at all levels students are expected to think critically about course material.

Political science majors must complete 12 courses, including at least two introductory-level courses, research-intensive courses, and the Senior Project.

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