The Senior Project

The capstone of the political science major is the senior project, a two-term endeavor in which students are expected to conduct original research. Students pick their own topic and are closely supervised by a faculty member who is a specialist in that sub-field. Students employ a range of methods in conducting research for the senior project. Some students, for instance, travel outside the U.S. to gather information, others analyze large data sets, while others meticulously comb original texts. Students are also encouraged to consider less traditional projects. Over the years, some students have written plays or novels, made documentary films, designed political websites and formed political interest groups. Many graduates look back on their senior project as their most important undergraduate accomplishment.

College funding is available to support research costs, and some projects have been subsequently published jointly by the students and their advisers. Many political science majors are selected to present their senior research publicly, on campus, at the Steinmetz Symposium in May. Others do so off campus at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research and/or at professional conferences together with their adviser.

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