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Suthathip Yaisawarng

Economics (ECO)

Project Description 
In this project, students who participated in the Thailand mini-term took photos during their trip. At the end of the term, each student submitted his/her favorite photos and wrote a brief description for each photo. The collective photos were organized according to the itinerary. The group also selected the background music — the songs they sang together throughout the trip.

Sponsorships/Collaboration with
Curricular Support and USTAR

Instructional Goals 
– Facilitating active learning
– Facilitating team-based learning
– Improving student visual literacy skills
– Increasing professor-student interaction
– Increasing student interest
– Increasing student learning
– Increasing student participation
– Increasing student-student interaction

Courses Impacted 
Mini-Term in Thailand

Technology Used
– Specialized music and sound applications/equipment
– PowerPoint or other presentation tool
– Email
– Blackboard
– Video editing tools

Materials Produced
– Large capacity DVD