Now that I have been home for a few days, I have had some time to look back on my 3 weeks in New Hampshire and what I learned. The greatest thing I took away from my experience interning was that everyone does everything for the common cause of creating a better America.  By that, I mean regardless of one’s ranking, no one was too good to make the coffee, do hours of phone banking, or tedious tasks that all help to make the campaign run smoother.  The reason for this was that we all believe in President Obama’s continuation as president and all the work we put into the campaign, big or small, brings us closer to that goal.  The long days and late nights put in by the dedicated people of Obama for America was nothing but admirable.  The dedication to and belief in the platforms of President Obama and what he can do to better this country is what fuels them to continue putting in their hard work.  Not only was the staffs’ hard work something to witness, but that of the community volunteers was just as great.  People from the community would open their homes to talk about President Obama’s causes and to do phone banking for hours.  Many of these people were very busy outside of their volunteer work, but still made time to sit down and call on their fellow neighbors to lend their support as well.  Everyone who lent a helping hand did so with such dedication and vigor and I was very inspired. I plan on getting involved with the campaign in New York and to do as much as I can to aid in the reelection of President Obama.

With all of that written, I will end with this, stand up and promote for what you believe, especially when it comes to politics because your vote, voice, and opinions matter.