Internships – General Information

Internships – General Information

To provide students with practical experience, the department offers a number of internships that can be completed for independent study credit. Recently, students have worked in a center for autistic children, a battered women´s shelter, advertising agencies, biofeedback clinics, employee assistance programs, residential facilities for emotionally disturbed children, and a suicide phone line. Others have run groups for shy teenagers at a local high school, worked in day care centers or elementary schools, and consulted at local businesses.

You can do an internship for academic credit, PSY451 Human Relations II: Internship, providing you do 100 hours of work at the site during the term along with associated reading of the relevant literature and substantial writing to be arranged with your supervising professor. Paid internships (such as summer jobs) cannot receive course credit.

Human Relations II: Internship is a practicum course to include 100 hours of experiential learning in a community-based human services internship (e.g., placements may include: clinical, healthcare, mental health, substance/recovery, educational, occupational, forensic, and neuroscience-related settings). Individual supervision is provided on site and group supervision during the weekly class meeting. Activities include: seminar discussion of case conceptualizations, service learning project, and review of systems issues in the provision of human services. Emphasis is on the theoretical understanding of psychological assessment and intervention. Prerequisite(s): Permission of the instructor, with application due in term prior, along with completion of placement-relevant courses (e.g., ideally, students would complete psy351 previously, and courses relevant to planned internship placement, such as for interning at/with: psychiatric unit psy250/350; neuropsychologist psy210/213; school psychologist psy240; hospice psy242) and any necessary documentation or training required by the agency. (psy451).

To pursue an internship as part of PSY451, complete this application and return it to Professor Anderson-Hanley in Butterfield 304 or via email –

If you are pursuing an independent internship with a faculty mentor, then an Internship Contract must be completed and returned to Christine Mennillo, Psychology Department Administrative Assistant, before any internship is initiated.

The Psychology Department has created an Internship Handbook that describes the procedures for initiating an internship experience, as well providing contact information for numerous internship sites in the area.

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