John Rieffel

John Rieffel


  “The Biological Isn’t Logical”

The living world grew irrationally
through non-systematic, genetic exploration of niche
possibilities, pruned back by natural selection and
occasional massive disasters. So if you’re building
distributed networks, learn from crabgrass.

Bruce Sterling, from The Viridian Design Principles 1.0

Orgel’s Second Rule: Evolution is cleverer than you are.
Francis Crick (via Daniel Dennett)


I’m an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Union College.

I am interested in exploring how complex systems, both natural and artificial, can exploit complex dynamical interactions to their advantage. I’m currently exploring this principle of “Mechanisms as Minds” in the realm of robotics and 3-D printing.

I teach courses in Matlab, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Organization, and Parallel Computing.

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