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Applications are now welcome for Union College’s sixth annual Summer Faculty Development Institute (FDI) for Teaching with Technology!
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You can read more and apply via the link below:
Applications are due no later than May 3rd. The proposals will be reviewed by the FDI Facilitators and up to fifteen (15) proposals will be selected to participate in the 2019 Summer FDI for Teaching with Technology. Notifications will be sent to faculty by May 6th.
Interested but want to hear more? Here are some quotes from past participants about their experience in the FDI:
  • “However you teach now, the FDI will open your eyes to teaching ideas that are probably new to you.” Doug Klein, Professor of Economics
  • “The thing I love most about being an educator is the constant challenge to engage students who come into a class with such varied skills and background knowledge. After this workshop, I feel more confident about trying new techniques and technology to (hopefully) inspire more of my students to push themselves, take risks and think creatively.” Barbara Danowski, Professor of Biology
  • “It made me think about teaching in new ways.” Helen Hanson, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • “If you are in a pedagogical rut, or looking to take a new direction with your courses, the readings and workshop discussions in FDI offer excellent ways to shake up your routine and develop alternate ways of thinking about the elements of teaching and student learning.” Kara Doyle, Associate Professor of English
  • “The program is full of helpful suggestions and examples for how any teacher at Union College might improve and enrich their teaching.” Mark Walker, Professor of History
  • “High-impact, high-quality teaching practices that will make your courses the most sought-after on campus.” Megan Ferry, Associate Professor of Chinese and Asian Studies
  • “The FDI is about collaboration. It’s an opportunity for individual faculty members to think through their teaching as part of a well informed, experienced, and supportive group of like-minded teachers.” Joe Johnson, Director of Writing Programs
  • “I highly recommend the FDI to colleagues who are interested in learning about and discussing innovative teaching strategies at the intersections of technology and pedagogy. If only one could could participate every year!” Kristin Bidoshi, Associate Professor of Russian
  • “Sessions provided a great opportunity to recharge and refresh my teaching strategies.” Tim Olsen, Associate Professor of Music
  • “It was a nice slap to the face to get me critically evaluating how I teach and what I might be missing, all the while expose me to a number of new tools and techniques that can help with issues I did not have even known I might have.” Jeremy Vanderover, (former) Visiting Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • “FDI helped me re-evaluate some of the long held assumptions I had about course and lesson planning; but, most importantly, it renewed my commitment to seeking change where change is positively meaningful for a more engaging, more purposeful educational experience for me as well as for the students.” Daniel Mosquera, Associate Professor of Spanish
  • “A transformative experience for novice and expert instructors who care about teaching and learning.” Maritza Osuna, Senior Lecturer of Spanish
  • “Beyond providing excellent practices and learning technologies, the workshop creates a community of shared support for reflecting on your current approach and trying new ideas.” Melinda Goldner, Professor of Sociology
  • “I anticipate that what I’ve learned about pedagogy will be helpful in my future courses. I found the presentations and our reading motivating, especially for revamping my syllabi and adopting other ways to give feedback on student writing. ” Andrea Foroughi, Associate Professor of History
  • “I found the opportunity to think and talk about pedagogy with fellow professors really stimulating. The organization of the FDI was highly conducive to this.” David Cotter, Professor of Sociology
  • “Lots of ideas! Helped me identify small, easily implemented changes to help me engage student even more. Will keep me and my students from getting bored!” Joanne Kehlbeck, Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • “I think this is very useful time invested for faculty at any stage in their career.” Michele Angrist, Professor of Political Science
  • “It’s very helpful to get together with faculty from other departments to discuss how we can improve our teaching. We get so few opportunities to reflect on what we are trying to accomplish in the classroom and how we might better engage our students.” Carol Weisse, Professor of Psychology
If you have any questions after reading more about the FDI, please do not hesitate to contact Denise Snyder (
We look forward to an exciting summer program learning, innovating, and creating with you!