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David Cotter, Ph.D.

Director of Faculty Development; Professor of Sociology

David A. Cotter is Professor of Sociology and Director of Faculty Development. His research focuses on stratification and inequality, particularly rural poverty, education and gender inequality. Some of his recent research has been funded via grants from the National Science Foundation, and the Russel Sage Foundation. The results of this research have been published in major journals including The American Sociological Review, The American Journal of Sociology, Social Forces, Journal of Marriage and Family, Rural Sociology, and Work and Occupations. He is currently working on a project examining rural students access to and success in STEM fields. Dr. Cotter has also conducted research on service learning as a pedagogical tool, and helped to develop a set of syllabi and instructional materials for the American Sociological Association.  He teaches courses on education, community, religion, and research methods.


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October 6, 2018