Union College Ethics Bowl

I was the coach for Union College’s Ethics Bowl Team from 2013-2015. In 2013 the team made it to finals in the regional tournament, securing a spot in the National Competition, which took place February 27, 2014 in Jacksonville, Florida.  At the National Competition the team made it to quarter finals, placing in the top 8 out of 32 teams.

Ethics Bowl Members 2013-2014


Coach: Krisanna Scheiter, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Assistant Coach: Erika Wells, Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology


Competing Members (Fall 2014)

Dima Yankova (Mechanical engineering, 2016)

Raashika Goyal (Biology/ Philosophy, 2016)

Parth Visrodia (Biology/ Economics, 2016)

Alexandra Walters  (Political Science, 2015)

Quisqueya Witbeck

ethics2Arsal Habib

Mihir Patel (Biology/ Economics, 2016)

Chelsea Mickel (Political Science/ Russian, 2015)

Andrew Forte (Philosophy, 2018)


Past Members

Remy Ravitzka (Philosophy, 2015)

Trevor Martin (Philosophy/ Spanish, 2014)

Matt Wu (Biology/ Philosophy, 2017)

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