About Union’s SMTC Program

This interdisciplinary program will be combined with another major and is ideal for science or engineering students who want to place their interests in a social context.  It is also an excellent choice for students of the humanities or social sciences who would like to study the social consequences of science and engineering.

Science, medicine, and technology in culture students choose courses from among 18 different disciplines, ranging from anthropology and astronomy to psychology and sociology.  Core courses address such topics as the scientific revolution, the philosophy of science, technology and human values, and the sociology of medicine.

This cross-disciplinary academic program offered within the context of a small liberal arts setting engages students in some of the most pressing issues facing the modern age.

Considering SMTC at Union?

Science, medicine, and technology all play important roles in modern society.  Several different populations of students would be interested in studying Science, Medicine, and Technology in Culture (SMTC) at Union:

–Science or engineering majors who want to place their interests in a social context

–Humanities or social sciences majors who want to include science, engineering, and their social consequences in their education

–Students who want to study science and engineering at a meta-level (philosophy of science, sociology of science, history of science, etc.)

Please explore the webpages available through this link to learn more about SMTC program requirements and courses at Union College. 

Winter 2018 SMTC Courses