The department offers students a variety of courses which combine internship assignments in local organizations with academic study.

Internship in the Delivery of Human Services (SOC 385)
This places students in the community to learn about the social service system, including the nature of welfare and other human service organizations.

Crime and Justice in Society (SOC 261)
Students do “court watching” at the Albany and Schenectady Police Courts, visit a maximum security prison, and patrol with police.

Quantitative Methods of Social Research (SOC 300)
Students learn the methods of sociological research by conducting a research project from initial design, through data collection, and on to computer analysis and report writing.

Family and Community Services (SOC 362)
An examination of the responses of community organizations to family life, pressures and problems. Particular issues include spouse and child abuse, teenage pregnancy, juvenile delinquency, day care, and family instability and mental health. Visits to community and human service organizations are arranged.

Domestic Violence (SOC 360)
A sociological examination of issues and questions raised by violence within American families. The public definition of family violence, subjective experiences of abusers and victims, and social and individual causes and consequences of abuse, complexities and problems of social interventions.

Environmental Policy and Resource Management (SOC 359)
An examination of environmental issues and problems such as acid rain, ocean dumping, and nuclear wastes, and the social forces that shape environmental policies. Students visit environmental organizations and environmental problem sites.

Environmental Seminar (SOC 450) – cross listed with ENS 450
The focus of this seminar is on the implementation of different environmental policies. Internships at the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation and local environmental organizations are part of this course.

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