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Podcasting Series – Introduction

Podcasting Series – Introduction

on Jun 20, 2014 in Guides, Podcasting |

        Podcasting is the result of publishing information, typically in audio or video form, and allowing individuals to subscribe and receive new updates. It is meant to be a simple way to produce and share information and ideas. This purpose makes podcasting an easy tool to implement into a classroom. Podcasting only requires a computer, microphone and an internet connection.

        Students listening to podcasts of other students can learn to develop context and literacy  within the course subject. It can also be used as a way for students to demonstrate understanding. Not only is podcasting useful from a student’s perspective but also from a teacher’s. Podcasting offers teacher’s learning control and flexibility, widening the scope of the course’s context, and opportunities for engagement and collaboration through dialogue. Universities that have incorporated podcasting have seen positive reactions from the students.

Here are some podcasting ideas:

  • Video podcasting

    • Allows for supplement lectures to be added to the course

    • Distributing a review

    • Generate a collection of course topic lectures for the future

    • Student projects involving course material, which demonstrates understanding and mastery

  • Audio podcasting

    • Can be used as assignments to generate discussion within a course topic

    • Keep record of what students are thinking/discussing on course material

    • Interviewing of experts that can not attend the class

        Now that we have an idea of what podcasting is and how it can be used, we are going to go into some topics to keep in mind when using podcasting.



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