digital resources for students


Here a variety of programs will be listed. The topics will vary greatly and depend upon what I am most interested in at the time, and have experience with using.



Capable of creating books, posters, flyers, and any type of digital document with graphical design. Scribus offers a very modern and user-friendly interface while still packing in the features for more advanced users. Scribus is an open source software project, is supported on multiple platforms and has thorough documentation. For more information: Click here.



This project is called the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is completely open source and available for anyone to utilize. Like many open source projects GIMP has vast documentation and support for those new or maybe for users wanting to find out a specific application of the program. GIMP has a very familiar feel for those familiar with Adobe’s Photoshop application. For more information: Click here.



Ever in need of some audio editing and manipulation, look no further than for Audacity. This free and easy to pick up software includes some very powerful features such as dubbing, turntable portability, mixing and an array of export types to make use of. Again like many of the programs I enjoy using Audacity is open source. Those looking for more information: Click here.



Prezi is a cloud-based software which aims at creating dynamic presentations. It can be used in a variety of storytelling applications as well as for presenting ideas within a large group. For more information: Click here.



Wiki is a collaboration tool used in project development. It allows for the use of dynamic documentation, multiple users, seamless collaboration and excellent version control features. There are numerous platforms which wikis are hosted off of one of which is the Nexus wiki. For general information on wikis: Click here. 



Camtasia is a video editing and creation software made by Techsmith. The software makes creating a video, editing a video and producing it in a media format very simple compared to more renown software. Those seeking more information: Click here.



At one point owned by Google, Sketchup is now in the hands of a company called Trimble. They are continuing Google’s idea of a free, easy to use computer modelling software. More importantly, they are still using the 3D Graphic warehouse Google set up when they owned the product. In the 3D warehouse designers can share their models for others to use, learn from, and change up for themselves under CC license. This excellent software can be found by: Clicking here.






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