About Dance

About Dance

The dance program offers an active, practical program for college credit plus multilevel technique classes and performance workshops. All students of dance, both beginner and experienced, are given the opportunity to work with experienced faculty. The elements of discipline, exploration, experimentation, and creativity join to provide an environment of learning and development.

Technique classes in ballet, jazz, and modern dance are held in a state-of-the-art facility to live and recorded accompaniment. Students gain an in-depth understanding of how the body moves while also gaining an increased understanding of proper placement, alignment, and flexibility. The classes offer training that is both anatomically healthy and artistically inspiring. Students develop the ability to move through space with a sense of ease that comes from knowledge and understanding.

Each year, the dance program receives guest artists specialized in diverse dance styles and forms of dance expression. Dance workshops in classical and modern dance have been taught by Edward Villella, artistic director of Miami City ballet, as well as members of the Jose Limon Dance Company and Paul Taylor Dance Company. The Dance Program also introduces dance technique classes in flamenco, Afro-Caribbean dance, traditional Chinese dance, traditional Japanese dance, Contra dancing, and Square dancing. Union students have the opportunity to present their own choreographies each year during the Steinmetz Symposium and the Dance Concerts.

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