Courses in Dance

Courses in Dance

ADA-010. Ballet 1. Course Units: 0
An introduction to the basic techniques of classical ballet. Each class incorporates proper body alignment, balance, and self-awareness of the classical form. Students learn ballet technique and style by combining a barre warm-up, centre phrases, and across-the- floor combinations. Note: for all levels.

ADA-011. Ballet 2. Course Units: 0
The intermediate ballet level is designed for dancers who have been trained in the classical form. Class includes complex combinations at the barre and in the center. Musical accompaniment will explore the lyricism of the classical form. Students will gain insight into progressive step combinations, physical control, and variations through turns, jumps, adagios, and allegros. Repertoire and new creations will be taught in class. Note: for intermediate level.

ADA-012. Ballet 3. Course Units: 0
This course emphasizes academic training as well as repertoire. Depending on student’s ability and strength, pointe work will be added. Variations from original or traditional ballets will be learned in class. Dancers who have a desire to perform are encouraged to attend. Note: for advanced level.

ADA-020. Jazz Dance 1. Course Units: 0
Learn the basics of Jazz technique, a high-powered energy form that moves to fast rhythms; a challenging free style that uses dynamic body movements, flexibility, and present day dance steps. Note: for beginner level.

ADA-021. Jazz Dance 2. Course Units: 0
Dancers continue their training for a solid technique in the jazz form. Combinations will include several styles as well as explore the classical, funky, and contemporary aspects of dance. Note: for intermediate level.

ADA-022. Lyrical Jazz. Course Units: 0
This class will primarily focus on self-expression, exploration, and musicality. Dancers will learn metaphorical and symbolic movements to convey an array of emotions. Class will include warm-up, technical progression, and a contemporary combination. Note: for intermediate level.

ADA-023. Broadway Dance Practicum. Course Units: 0
This class focuses on dance styles that use gestures and ensemble movements done in musicals. Students will learn a variety of numbers from shows including repertoire from both past and present productions. Different styles will consist of a diverse selection of Broadway musical theatre dance. Note: for all levels.

ADA-030. Modern Dance 1. Course Units: 0
This contemporary form focuses on gaining an in-depth understanding of how the body moves, proper placement, alignment, and flexibility. This class explores different ways of using organic and creative movements, floor work, and traveling through space. Note: for beginner level.

ADA-031. Modern Dance 2. Course Units: 0
Explore the dynamics, rhythms, phrasing and use of space unique to contemporary dance while developing technical strength. Reinforce your physical possibilities and perfect your inner potential toward dance expression. The use of music, space, and choreographic gestures will be learned through challenging group choreography.Note: For intermediate level.

ADA-036. Pilates for Performers. Course Units: 0
In class, students learn the basic, intermediate, and advanced exercises of the Pilates workout. The course focuses specifically on technique that helps with centering of body work for the Performing Arts. Strengthening and working on flexibility enhance performers’ abilities. Gain confidence and awareness of body placement as well as studying a technique for warming up before shows. The Pilates for Performers is an ideal training base for all performance artists, including novices. Note: for all levels.

ADA-040. Afro-Dance. Course Units: 0
A class built for everyone who wants to dance to African rhythms. Emphasizes stamina and the learning of exiting dance routines. A cultural dance style and technique welcoming dancers of all levels into a rich range of African dance movements. Note: for all levels.

ADA-041. The Moving Body. Course Units: 0
This cross-training dance class, taught to music with contemporary dance vocabulary, focuses on the study of muscular elongation and body awareness. Special emphasis on placement, strength, endurance, and flexibility will enhance dancer’s potential. Open to all interested in learning and experiencing the fundamentals of the dance discipline.

ADA-045. Tap Dance 1. Course Units: 0
For beginners who want to explore the world of tap dance. Students will learn basic footwork and routines with exciting rhythms and combinations. Note: for beginner level.

ADA-046. Tap Dance 2. Course Units: 0
Tap dance provides students with the study of steps found in the tap dancing art form. Students will be introduced to proper warm up; tap steps, specific exercises in rhythms, routines, and use of music. Students that have previous experience in tap will be able to expand their expertise. Note: for intermediate level.

ADA-050. Rehearsal and Production. Course Units: 0
Students are invited to participate in theater or dance productions in a variety of capacities, both on-stage and off-stage. To gain transcript recognition for participation in these activities, students must register for the theater or dance practicum with the registrar and achieve a passing grade from the faculty supervisor.

ADA-060. Hip Hop Dance 1. Course Units: 0
This class gives students the opportunity to learn the basics of a popular and contemporary dance form, based on routines from street jazz, breaking, popping, and locking.  This dazzling style gives students a way to gain confidence in their body to today’s most celebrated pop music. Note: for all levels.

ADA-061. Hip Hop Dance 2. Course Units: 0
This level 2 class provides dancers with a high energy, and innovative dance experience.  Hip Hop is urban, it’s diverse, and it’s forever changing. This freestyle dance fusion gives students the opportunity to develop their own style to the latest hit songs. Note: for intermediate level.

ADA-070. Choreography: Modern. Course Units: 0
This creative class gives students the opportunity to focus on a particular theme that will generate choreographic scenes. The dance vocabulary aims to combine an amalgam of styles to produce a contemporary vision. Each week the class will build on material that will be presented as part of the winter dance concert at the Yulman Theatre. Note: for intermediate level.

ADA-071. Choreography: Jazz. Course Units: 0
Each week this class works toward the composition of innovative dance movements found in the jazz form incorporating vocabulary such as lyrical, funk jazz and musical theatre dance. Students explore a wide range of intricate steps as a means of self-expression. The finalized choreography will be presented as part of the winter dance concert. Note: for intermediate level.

ADA-072. Choreography: Ensemble. Course Units: 0
This class concentrates on creating a choreography that will give students the opportunity to work as a unit. The Ensemble practicum encourages cooperation between students and faculty members striving to create momentum for the winter dance concert. Note: for intermediate level.

ADA-073. Choreography: Rhythms. Course Units: 0
This practicum will focus on developing various rhythms to create vibrant sounds and a challenging choreography. The dance vocabulary stresses the primacy of percussive beats. This dance style includes tap dancing, stepping and rhythms with the body or with percussive instruments that is performed in our winter dance concert. Note: for intermediate level.

ADA-074. Choreography: Ballet. Course Units: 0
This class emphasizes either the traditional or contemporary repertoire to present the lyricism of the classical form. Dancers desiring to perform classical dance will be part of a creation that embraces their expertise. Depending on the dance concert, this choreography class will focus on a particular era, technique, or master choreographer. The creation is presented in our winter dance concert. Note: for intermediate level.

ADA-130. The Dance Experience. Course Units: 1
An experiential survey course introducing the many facets of dance in our contemporary world. Through lectures, performances, and workshops students discover dance vocabulary, styles, and inner skills. Special emphasis on creative abilities, built on trust, and exploration. Studio classes include diverse technique dance forms, video viewing, improvisation, and creative process sessions. Each student will work as a choreographer in an individual and collective dance piece to be performed in public. A weekly dance technique class is required. CC: HUM

ADA-140. American Musical Theater and Dance (Same as ATH-140). Course Units: 1
This course is an introduction to the American Musical from Vaudeville and Minstrel Shows to today’s contemporary Broadway shows. Through lectures, video viewing, and workshops students will learn a historical background focusing on the work of lyricists, composers, choreographers, directors, and producers. This unique American entertainment art form reflects American diversity and culture, changing times, values, and trends. No prerequisite. CC: LCC, HUM

ADA-142 (052). Dance in America. Course Units: 1
An introduction to dance in America from Native American to contemporary diverse styles, approached through lecture, video viewing, and dance workshops. A voyage through time from the French Court with the birth of Classical Dance through the twentieth century with the development of Modern and Post-Modern Dance. Study of the advent of new music and dance with the African American heritage and American contributions towards social dancing. Special emphasis on historical background and international influences, studying the dancers, choreographers, traditions, and trends that influence the making of contemporary dance as an art and form of expression. No prerequisite. CC: LCC, HUM

ADA-150. Staging Exploration in Theater and Dance (Same as ATH-150). Course Units: 1
This course is based on the close examination of a particular period or theme of multi-disciplinary artistic production that will offer students an immersion into important developments in per formative expressions. This course explores dynamic movements in the artistic avant-garde, its historical background, and its principal creators in theater, dance and associated performing arts, through discussions, lectures, studio work, and collaborative creation. The resulting collaboration will be produced and performed at Yulman Theatre. No prerequisite. CC: HUM

ADA-153. Histoire de la danse, Danse de l’histoire/History of Dance, Dance of History (Same as FRN-421, MLT-211). Course Units: 1
Examination of Western European dance and dance texts as revelatory of broader historical and cultural patterns, with special analyses of dance as a key tool of nation-building (as with the court of Louis XIV) and/or a central medium of artistic creation (as in 1920s Paris). Primary focus on France as creator, user, and potential abuser of dance’s power, but some attention given other European models (Berlin, St. Petersburg, London). Readings from theoreticians, historians, and dance litterateurs (Moliere, Gautier, Cocteau). CC: HUM, LCC

AMU-160. Dance for the Camera Course Units: 0
This course focuses on the process of making dances for the camera, uniting the various aesthetics of movement and the practical elements of recording visual material. Since the arrival of the digital chip, the light camera, and various computer programs, we have seen a revolution in dances created for the screen, Slideroom, YouTube or Vimeos.  Methods will focus on conceptualized movement, phrase development, compositional tools and framing, as well as design production. Through discussions, decision-making, individual and collaborative work, the designated choreographer/director, crew and cameraperson will develop a sense of craft used in the art of making dances for video viewing.  The student challenge will be to invent a unique dance language to communicate ideas, intentions and feelings through the medium of video making. Dance moves – with their complexity, richness, rhythmical and compelling imagery – will be at the core of their creative work. CC: HUM

AMU-354T. Balinese Performing Arts (Also ADA -354). Course Units: 1
This mini-term focuses on the study of the performing arts of Bali. Students will have daily group instruction with master performers of gamelan (the Balinese orchestra of gongs and xylophones) and dance, as well as additional lessons in an art form of one’s choosing (e.g. painting, puppetry, etc.). This instruction will culminate in final presentations and performances. Students will also visit many important artistic and ritual locations, attend professional performances, and meet with local Balinese peoples in a variety of contexts. No previous experience is required.

ADA-295H. Choreography Honors. Course Units: 1

ADA-296H. Choreography Honors. Course Units: 1

ADA-350. Choreography. Course Units: 1
Students can elect to pursue a specific area of interest. Subjects might include dance styles, a choreographer or dancer’s life and achievements, a dance craze as well as a specific dance technique. Students can develop their own dance style, create a dance piece, re-stage the work of a famous choreographer, or make a dance film or documentary. The student will act as an Artistic Director, overseeing their creation as well as being in charge of their collaborators such as musicians, actors, dancers, sculptors, or any other interdisciplinary artists. Prerequisite(s): ADA-130 and a weekly technical dance class. CC: HUM

ADA 370. Theatre or Dance Internship. Course Units: 1
As a professional work/study experience, students can elect to pursue a specific area of interest in a one-term internship with a professional theatre or dance company. The precise form of this project will vary with the student and area of focus within the department, but may include production, performance, management, or administrative work in the field or other projects approved by the faculty. Appropriate credit is granted upon completion of the internship. this course will be taken Pass/Fail. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing and approval of the department Chair.

ADA-490-493. Dance Project 1, 2, 3 & 4. As an Independent Study, students can elect to pursue a specific area of interest. Subjects might include dance styles, a choreographer or dancer’s life and achievements, a dance craze, as well as a specific dance technique. Students can also research the creation of workshops, dance classes or new dance techniques for engagement on campus or for outside venues. Students will present their research through a public lecture/demonstration. Prerequisite consists of one history course, ADA-140 Musical Theater and Dance, ADA-142 Dance in America, or ADA-153 Danse de l’Histoire.

Other Dance Projects will allow students to develop their own dance style, create a dance piece or restage the work of a famous choreographer. The student will act as Artistic Director, overseeing the creation and being responsible for collaborators such as musicians, actors, dancers, sculptors or any other interdisciplinary artists. Prerequisite: ADA-130-Dance Experience.

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