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Dance Technique Classes:

Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, Broadway, Hip Hop, Dance Fitness, Pilates for Performers, and Yoga Dance are offered in the Henle Dance Studio. To gain transcript recognition for dance technique classes, students must register no later than the two-week add/drop period, and achieve a passing grade from the faculty instructor. Requests to register for practicum transcript recognition after the add-drop period will not be honored. If a student registers for more than one dance practicum class during a single term in a given academic year, only one will count towards the three course sequence, which is required to earn one course credit.  During the senior year, students may request up to two full dance practicum credits towards graduation. Such requests are made to the registrar during the senior year transcript audit (or its equivalent for those who plan to graduate early). Each full dance practicum credit is accumulated from three previous passing grades (any combination of theater and dance practicum). No more than two such graduation credits are available, whatever the discipline (music, theater, or dance). Students are advised to select full practicum credits in whichever area best suits their academic program.


Dance Technique Practicums

ADA-010. Ballet I. This class introduces the basic techniques of classical ballet. Each class incorporates proper body alignment, balance and self-awareness of the classical form. Students learn ballet technique and style by combining a barre warm-up, center phrases, and across-the-floor combinations. For all students

ADA-011. Ballet II. The intermediate ballet level is designed for dancers who have been trained in the classical form. Class includes complex combinations at the barre and in the center. Musical accompaniment will explore the lyricism of the classical form. Insight into progressive steps and combinations, physical control, and variations through turns, jumps, adagios and allegros. Repertoire and new creations will be taught in class. For trained dancers

ADA-012. Ballet III. This advanced ballet level emphasizes academic training as well as repertoire. Depending on student’s ability and strength, pointe work may be added. Original or traditional ballets will be learned in class. Dancers who have a desire to perform are encouraged to attend. For intermediate dancers

ADA-020. Jazz Dance I. Learn the basics of Jazz technique, a high-powered energy form that moves to fast rhythms. Jazz I is a challenging free style that uses dynamic body movements, flexibility and present day dance steps. For beginners

ADA-021. Jazz Dance II. An intermediate level designed for a trained dancer. Combinations will include various jazz styles exploring the classical, funky, and the contemporary. For trained dancers

ADA-022. Lyrical Jazz. This class will primarily focus upon dancing ones emotions. Students will be taught to recognize their true feelings and how to express them. They will learn to draw from their own life experience to provide meaning to their dancing. Dancers will learn metaphorical and symbolic movements to convey emotions such as sadness, happiness, hope, joy, euphoria, and more. This class is geared towards the intermediate level dancer looking to broaden his or her horizons with a new-age dance style.

ADA-023. Broadway Dance. This class is structured on dance styles that use movements done in musicals. Students will learn a variety of numbers from shows including repertoire from both past and present. Different styles will consist of, but not limited to: tap, jazz, character dance, contemporary ballet, and lyrical. Broadway styles will incorporate the work of famous choreographers such as Jerome Robbins, Michael Bennett, Bob Fosse, and Twyla Tharp.

ADA-030. Modern Dance I. Gain an in depth understanding of how the body moves, proper placement, alignment, and flexibility. Welcome the knowledge of a well trained and disciplined body. For beginners

ADA-031. Modern Dance II. Explore the dynamics, rhythms, phrasing and use of space unique to contemporary dance while developing technical strength. Reinforce your physical possibilities and perfect your inner potential toward dance expression. The use of music, space and choreographic gestures will be learned through challenging group choreography. For trained dancers

ADA-035. Dance and Fitness. Provides students with the study of a trained body in modern dance, yoga and fitness routines. Gain expertise on how to shape and train your body to its full potential. For all students

ADA-036. Pilates For Performers. In class, students learn the basic, intermediate, and advanced exercises of the Pilates workout. The course focuses specifically on technique that helps with centering of bodywork for the Performing Arts. Strengthening and working on flexibility enhance performers’ abilities. Gain confidence and awareness of body placement as well as studying a technique for warming up before shows. Union offers few beginners dance classes, the Pilates for Performers being an ideal training base for all performance artists, including novices. For all students

ADA-038. Yoga Dance. Each week the class will begin with centering, followed by warm ups and a series of asanas, finishing with a brief meditation. This class will be taught to music, and its primarily focus will be to connect the physical body with the inner-self through breathing and poses. In this therapeutic movement class, students will gain an awareness of the body and improve flexibility and stamina, to leave feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and relaxed.  Class open to all

ADA-040. Afro-Dance.  A class built for everyone who wants to dance to African rhythms. Emphasizes stamina and the learning of exiting dance routines. A cultural dance style and technique welcoming dancers of all levels into a rich range of African dance movements. For all students

ADA-041. The Moving Body. Course Units: 0
This cross-training dance class, taught to music with contemporary dance vocabulary, focuses on the study of muscular elongation and body awareness. Special emphasis on placement, strength, endurance, and flexibility will enhance dancer’s potential. Open to all interested in learning and experiencing the fundamentals of the dance discipline.

ADA-045. Tap Dance I. This class is designed for beginners who want to explore the world of tap dance. Students will learn basic footwork, and routines on exciting rhythms. For beginners

ADA-046. Tap Dance II. Tap dance provides students with the study of steps found in the tap dancing art form. Students will be introduced to proper warm up, tap steps, specific exercises in rhythms, routines, and use of music. For dancers, adding a tap class will give them the opportunity to learn about a new dance form. Students that have previous experience in tap will be able to expand their expertise. For the theater students the learning of tap can eventually be useful for musicals. For trained dancers

ADA-060. Hip Hop I. The Hip Hop I dance class gives students the opportunity to learn the basic of this popular and important dance form. A style based on routines from street jazz, breaking, popping, and locking. This dance style welcomes students with no previous dance experience and is a dazzling way for students to gain confidence in their body to today’s most celebrated pop music. For all students

ADA-061. Hip Hop II. The Hip Hop II dance class provides trained dancers with a high energy class in an innovative dance style. Hip Hop is urban, it’s diverse, and it’s forever changing. The freestyle dance fusion gives students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style to the latest hit songs. For trained dancers

ADA-070. Choreography- Modern. This class will give students the opportunity to participate in the creation of a dance piece. Studio classes will focus on a particular era with a definite theme that will generate choreographic scenes. The dance vocabulary will be the amalgam of diverse dance styles. Students will have the opportunity to learn choreographed movements as well as interacting in the process by sharing their own individual ideas. The choreography will use recorded or live music as well as incorporating multi-media, inventive sets and costumes for a contemporary performance art production. Each week the class will build on material that will be presented as part of the winter dance concerts at the Yulman Theater. For intermediate level

ADA-071. Choreography-Jazz. Each week the class will work toward the composition of innovative dance movements found in the jazz form. This class will primarily focus on jazz dance vocabulary that incorporates diverse dance styles such as ballet, funk, and hip-hop. Each student will learn from the faculty choreography as well as develop their own potential by proposing movements for collaborative work. Students will explore a wide range of intricate steps as a mean of self-expression, individual and ensemble study. The finalized choreography will be presented as part of the winter dance concerts. For intermediate level

ADA-072. Choreography–Ensemble. This class concentrates on creating a choreography that will give students the opportunity to work as a team; a unit or a group. Every show demands this type of collaborative work to provide meaning, help the theme or story line development or simply create a stunning visual effect. The Ensemble practicum encourages cooperation between student participants and strives for efficient dance vocabulary that brings momentum and advances the plot of our winter dance concerts. The choreography will incorporate inventive sets or props for a contemporary performance art production. For intermediate level

ADA-073. Choreography–Rhythms. This practicum will focus on developing various rhythms to create vibrant sounds and a challenging choreography. The dance vocabulary will stress the primacy of percussion beats. Students will learn to use their entire bodies as an instrument as well as their feet to enhance syncopated beats. This dance style will include tap dancing, stepping and rhythms with the body or with percussive instruments. For intermediate level

ADA-074. Choreography–Ballet. This practicum emphasizes either the traditional or contemporary repertoire to present the lyricism of the classical form. Dancers who have a desire to perform classical dance will be part of a creation that embraces their expertise gain in many years of training. Depending on the dance concert, this practicum focuses on a particular era, technique or master choreographer. For intermediate level

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