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Department of Theatre & Dance

Additional Courses


ATH 050 – (010)   Rehearsal and Production

(same as ADA 050) Students are invited to participate in theatre or dance productions in a variety of capacities, both on-stage and off-stage. Required for Theatre majors and minors. To gain transcript recognition for participation in these activities, students must register for the theater practicum with the registrar and achieve a passing grade from the faculty supervisor. Requests for practicum transcript recognition must be filed with the registrar during the term in which the practicum is undertaken. During the senior year, students may request up to two full practicum credits towards graduation. Such requests are made to the registrar during the senior year transcript audit (or its equivalent for those who plan to graduate early). Each full theater practicum credit is accumulated from three previous passing grades (any combination of theater and dance practicum). No more than two such graduation credits are available, whatever the discipline (theater or dance). Students are advised to select full practicum credits in whichever area best suits their academic program.

 ATH 100   Public Speaking

A practical introduction to speechmaking, inclusive of audio and technical support for presentations, speech practice and skills development.

ATH 295H-296H   Theatre Honors Independent Project 1 & 2

For the sophomore honors student who has demonstrated the ability to work independently, this student-initiated project may be proposed to a sponsoring faculty member.

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