Design and Technology focused Courses

Department of Theatre & Dance

Courses in Design & Technical Theater


ATH 102 – Introduction to Theater

Survey the concepts and practices of contemporary theater as an artistic collaboration & a profession. Learn to think like a playwright, director, actor or designer for the theater.

ATH 108 – Topics in Theater – Stage Makeup

Research and practical application of makeup techniques for the stage. Wigs, beauty, old age, horror, wounds, historic styles, and prosthetics explored with a focus on bringing to life unique and exciting characters.

ATH 110 – Stagecraft 1

Gain practical experience in the technical & design aspects of theater. Build our sets & costumes while working in our state of the art shops. Work on our shows as lighting, sound & stage technicians.

ATH 113 – Introduction to Stage Design

Make stage sets for term productions! Visit area theaters! Learn about how theater as a space developed as you build scale models of your own design.

ATH 117 – Fundamentals of Stage Lighting Design

Walk the cat-walks! Optics, electrics, principals of light & color are covered in this introduction to technical and artistic aspects of lighting design.

Design lights for a dance concert!

ATH 118 – Costume Technology

Professional training in garment construction & costume shop procedures! Make wearable costumes as you learn the techniques!

ATH 119 – CAD Drafting for Theater

Learn the terminology, tools, techniques and software used in technical design & planning for stage scenery & lighting.

ATH 120 – Theater History

Investigate the development of Western theater from the Greeks to television! This course focuses on the nature of theater in performance with an emphasis on the development of theatrical playing spaces through history.

ATH 121 – Puppet Theater Design & Performance

Design, construct & perform puppets & toy theaters while researching character, space, story, text, theme.

ATH 122 – Introduction to Costume Design

Examine scripts and apply character discoveries to costume design. Multiple projects will cover period plays, modern interpretations, and a final project tailored to a student’s interests. We’ll teach you everything, no drawing or painting experience needed!

ATH 123 – History of Fashion & Dress

Study western fashion from ancient to modern times by looking at dress as a form of self-expression & social reflection. Explore individual research projects in a specific fashion topic.

ATH 151 – Directing

Explore the process of bringing a script to the stage. Develop your own concept as a theater director. Learn about script analysis, casting, rehearsal process and performance. Explore the relationships of working with actors & designers

ATH 226 – Stagecraft 2

Intermediate skills work for the student of technical theater in stagecraft plus crew foreman work in carpentry or lighting

ATH 240 – Theater Criticism

Learn to view and write about theater performances critically. Learn about the history of dramatic criticism and the nature and function of a good review. See lots of theater and write about it!

 ATH 370 – Theater Internship

Work with a professional company in performance, production, management or administration.

ATH 490 – Theater Independent Study

Develop your own study of an aspect of Theater Design or Technical Theater not covered by department courses. Examples: welding, sound design, advanced costume design and construction, stage management.

ATH 497 – Theatre One-Term Senior Project

Capstone project in an aspect of theater of special interest to the student in research, production or a special topic

TAB341T – London Theater Mini-term Abroad

Attend theater performances and backstage tours in London! Experience some of the world’s best theater and dance while living in vibrant London for 3 weeks!

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