Directing-focused Courses

Department of Theatre & Dance

Courses in Directing


ATH 102 – Introduction to Theater

Survey the concepts and practices of contemporary theater as an artistic collaboration & a profession. Learn to think like a playwright, director, actor or designer for the theater.

ATH 104 – Introduction to the Study of Literature: Drama

Study and write about plays through history to understand how drama articulates the human condition and “represents” humanity through a variety of “disguises.”

ATH 105 – Special Topics in Theater – Solo Performance

Explore the world of solo performance and performance art! Learn about contemporary theater as you develop personal performance pieces.

ATH 112 – Acting I

Develop performance power, skills & discipline through techniques in the presentation of monologues & scenes. Take risks, tap into your creativity and gain an appreciation of the art of the actor!

ATH 120 – History of Theater

Investigate the development of Western theater from the Greeks to television! This course focuses on the nature of theater in performance with an emphasis on the development of theatrical playing spaces through history.

ATH 121 – Puppet Theater Design & Performance

Part design, part performance: the art of the puppeteer, toy theater artist and animated objects.

ATH 125 – Improvisation

Approach theater intuitively & spontaneously. Learn to think creatively on your feet in this practical course which develops skills for the performer in physical theater and ensemble performance.

ATH 128 – Stage Combat

An exploration of physical violence for the stage from Shakespeare to the present. Instruction in safety & methodologies of armed and un-armed stage fighting.

ATH 140 – American Musical Theater and Dance

A review of style and form from Vaudeville to Broadway today. Gain an understanding of the art and collaboration of lyricists, composers, choreographers, directors and producers in this unique and entertaining art form.

ATH 151 – Directing

Explore the process of bringing a script to the stage. Develop your own concept as a theater director. Learn about script analysis, casting, rehearsal process and performance. Explore the relationships of working with actors & designers

ATH 230 – Movement for Actors

Develop your body as an expressive instrument through yoga/centering, acrobatics, circus techniques and more!

ATH 235 – Physical Theater

With a focus on the actor’s physical presence, actions over language and use of gesture, training is in the physical relationship between performers and the stage.

ATH 240 – Theater Criticism

Learn to view and write about theater performances critically. Learn about the history of dramatic criticism and the nature and function of a good review. See lots of theater and write about it!

ATH 320 – Script to Performance

Become a playwright! Discover different styles and approaches possible in developing your own material for the stage as you study the inner workings of a play: scenic structure & character development.

ATH 325 – Acting Shakespeare

Become an expressive, creative and informed Shakespearean actor. Learn scansion, verse structure, rhetoric, language imagery & performance style + the discipline of the professional actor!

ATH 342 – Acting II

Explore text & the profession of the actor through challenging performance studies. Develop a personal approach to acting. Increase your range as an actor or in working with actors.

ATH 361 – Advanced Directing

Continued work on script analysis and working with actors and designers and bring a piece to public performance

ATH 366 – Acting Styles

A practical course in performing classical and highly stylized forms of theater: how to perform poetic or heightened language and movement as a continuation of acting training.

ATH 370 – Theater Internship

Work with a professional company in performance, production, management or administration.

ATH 490 – Theater Independent Study

Develop your own study of an aspect of Theater or Directing not covered by department courses. Examples: contemporary playwrights, alternative forms of theater

ATH 497-499 – Senior Project in Theater

Capstone project in an aspect of theater of special interest to the student in research, production or a special topic

TAB341T – London Theater Mini-term Abroad

Attend theater performances and backstage tours in London! Experience some of the world’s best theater and dance while living in vibrant London for 3 weeks!

EGL 200 – Shakespeare to 1600

Focusing on the comedies & histories, learn about characters with complicated and engaging perspectives

EGL 201 – Shakespeare after 1600

Focusing on the great tragedies and romances, wit guest artist performances and workshops from the American Shakespeare Center, gain a sense of Shakespeare’s artistry

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