Performance-Focused Courses

Department of Theatre & Dance

Courses in Performance


ATH 102 – Introduction to Theater

Survey the concepts and practices of contemporary theater as an artistic collaboration & a profession. Learn to think like a playwright, director, actor or designer for the theater.

ATH 105 – Special Topics in Theater

Areas of focus include: performance art, solo performance, audition technique

ATH 112 – Acting I

Develop performance power, skills & discipline through techniques in the presentation of monologues & scenes. Take risks, tap into your creativity and gain an appreciation of the art of the actor!

ATH 121 – Puppet Theater Design & Performance

Part design, part performance: the art of the puppeteer, toy theater artist and animated objects.

ATH 125 – Improvisation

Approach theater intuitively & spontaneously. Learn to think creatively on your feet in this practical course which develops skills for the performer in physical theater and ensemble performance.

ATH 128 – Stage Combat

An exploration of physical violence for the stage from Shakespeare to the present. Instruction in safety & methodologies of armed and un-armed stage fighting.

ATH 140 – American Musical Theater and Dance

Review Vaudeville and Minstrel shows to today’s Broadway shows with a focus on lyricists, composers, choreographers, directors and producers.

ATH 150 – Staging Explorations in Theater & Dance

Immerse yourself in period & style of important & formative expressions in performance. Collaborate on the development of a theater & dance performance piece.

ATH 151 – Directing

Explore the process of bringing a script to the stage. Develop your own concept as a theater director. Learn about script analysis, casting, rehearsal process and performance. Explore the relationships of working with actors & designers

ATH 230 – Movement for Actors

Develop your body as an expressive instrument through yoga/centering, acrobatics, circus techniques and more!

ATH 231 – Voice for the Stage

Learn about how the actor’s voice is used: develop breath, power, range and clarity in your voice through extensive exercises and presentations of text, poetry and children’s literature.

ATH 235 – Physical Theater

With a focus on the actor’s physical presence, actions over language and use of gesture, training is in the physical relationship between performers and the stage.

ATH 320 – Script to Performance

Explore the work of a playwright in the creation and performance of an original script.

ATH 325 – Acting Shakespeare

Become an expressive, creative and informed Shakespearean actor. Learn scansion, verse structure, rhetoric, language imagery & performance style + the discipline of the professional actor!

ATH 342 – Acting II

Explore text & the profession of the actor through challenging performance studies. Develop a personal approach to acting. Increase your range as an actor!

ATH 366 – Acting Styles

A practical course in performing classical and highly stylized forms of theater: how to perform poetic or heightened language and movement as a continuation of acting training.

ATH 370 – Theater Internship

Work with a professional company in performance, production, management or administration.

ATH 490 – Theater Independent Study

Develop your own study of an aspect of Theater or Performance not covered by department courses. Examples: audition technique, voice over recording

ATH 497-499 – Senior Project in Theater

Capstone project in an aspect of theater of special interest to the student in research, production or a special topic

TAB341T – London Theater Mini-term Abroad

Attend theater performances and backstage tours in London! Experience some of the world’s best theater and dance while living in vibrant London for 3 weeks!

EGL 200 – Shakespeare to 1600

Focussing on the comedies & histories, learn about characters with complicated and engaging perspectives

EGL 201 – Shakespeare after 1600

Focusing on the great tragedies and romances, with guest artist performances and workshops from the American Shakespeare Center, gain a sense of Shakespeare’s artistry

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