Minor in Dance

Requirements for the Minor:

A total of six credits required to achieve a minor in Dance.  Students must take ADA-130 The Dance Experience; one History class (ADA-140, ADA-142 or ADA-153); One Dance elective chosen in consultation with the Director of Dance (ADA-150, WMC-354T); and one credit (depending on the student’s interest) from Choreography Honors courses ADA-295H, ADA-296H, or Choreography ADA-350. Two full Practicum credits are also required in Dance technique to be completed over six terms of study.

Dance Technique Classes:

Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, Broadway, Hip Hop, Dance and Fitness, Zumba, and Pilates for Performers are offered in the dance studio. Each term a selection of these classes may be offered. A small fee is charged. To gain transcript recognition for dance technique classes, students must register with the registrar early in the term and achieve a passing grade from the faculty supervisor. Requests to register for practicum transcript recognition after the drop-add period will not be honored. During the senior year, students may request up to two full dance practicum credits towards graduation. Such requests are made to the registrar during the senior year transcript audit (or its equivalent for those who plan to graduate early). Each full dance practicum credit is accumulated from three previous passing grades (any combination of theater and dance practicum). No more than two such graduation credits are available, whatever the discipline (music, theater, or dance). Students are advised to select full practicum credits in whichever area best suits their academic program.

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