Parts List

Please purchase the following parts list before proceeding with the construction process. Click on each of the part to access the site (recommended) where we bought our parts. 

Control System Parts List

ChairWild Thing1$249.99$249.99
Inputs and OutputsHC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor2$3.95$7.9
Ability Switches (Set of 3)1$67.95$67.95
Adafruit Analog Joystick1$19.95$19.95
LED Latching Switch1$8.69$8.69
Piezo Buzzer1$1.50$1.50
Control ModuleBluetooth – nRF8001 Breakout1$19.95$19.95
Arduino Mega 2560 Rev1$38.95$38.95
Male and Female Pin Headers 1$5.99$5.99
Arduino Mega Shield1$3.50$3.50
Copper Foil Tape1$6.99$6.99
Motor ControllerSpark Motor Controller2$40$80
Terminal Bus (7pcs)1$10.99$10.99
ConnectionsHeat Shrink Tubing1$4.39$4.39
JST-XH Connector Kit1$10.99$10.99
3.5mm Jack Terminal Block (Pack of 4)1$5.79$5.79
Butt Connectors (100 pcs)1$9.99$9.99
Cable Sleeve1$8.99$8.99
Stranded Wire (Red), 22AWG, 50 Ft1$5$5
Stranded Wire (Black), 22AWG, 50 Ft1$5$5
Stranded Wire (White), 22AWG, 50 Ft1$5$5
Crimp Tool for JST-XH Connectors1$11.99$11.99