IBM Summer Internships

Please read the following requirements carefully before proceeding to the application form (link at the bottom of this page). Note especially that due to visa and salary restrictions, only Chinese nationals will be eligible for internships at the China Research Lab and only Indian nationals will be eligible for internships at the India Research Lab

The IBM Summer Internship program provides students from Union College, the City University of New York, Rensselaer Polytechnic University and the University of Notre Dame with the opportunity to work at an international IBM lab for the summer.  The internship is coordinated by IBM and information about recent programs is available on the IBM site.  Descriptions of the projects from last year are also available at that site*.  The qualities that IBM is looking for in successful applicants are:

  • Excellent grade-point average (Minimum of 3.0 to apply)
  • Creativity
  • Strong command of English language
  • Initiative, self-starter
  • Communication skills
  • Commitment
  • Distinctive team spirit
  • International orientation
  • Prior research experience

Union Students who have previously participated in the program:

Summer 2016: M. Goff ’17 (Bangalore, India), G. Moynihan ’17 (Bangalore, India), Y. Liu ’17 (Beijing, China)
Summer 2015: L. Zhang (Beijing, China)
Summer 2014: Y. Yuqiao ’14 (Beijing, China), Y. Cao ’15 (Zurich, Switzerland), C. Kennedy ’15 (Zurich, Switzerland) and M. Khazanov ’15 (Dublin, Ireland)
Summer 2013: L. He ’14 (Beijing, China) and N. Garabedian ’14 (Bangalore, India)
Summer 2012: T. Nguyen ’14 (Beijing, China) and J. Dulmaa ’13 (Beijing, China)
Summer 2011: M. Graveley ’12 (Beijing, China), A. Schepperly ’12 (Beijing, China) and M. Manning ’12 (Zurich, Switzerland)

* Please note that these internships are open to both graduate students and undergraduate students. Most of those accepted to the Zurich site are graduate students.


To submit an application, please use the online form. The application will require a 2-page letter of interest, and two letters of reference from faculty. Applications are due by January 10, 2018.


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