Student Research Grants

Apply for an SRG

Goals and Review Schedule 2021-22

The Student Research Grants were established to promote educational innovation and to help enrich the College’s educational programs.  Student Research Grants encourage intellectual curiosity and provide opportunities to exercise intellectual abilities.  Previous years’ funds were used to buy parts to construct an airplane, for costumes and shoes for a dance performance, for antibodies to study cell motility, and to pay participants in psychological studies, among many other projects.

Application Due Dates:

Fall 2021 Deadlines:

 First Round (for projects starting immediately): Student applications due Thursday, September 30. 

Second Round (for projects beginning in Winter): Student applications due Thursday, November 11.  

Winter 2022 Deadline:  Student applications due Thursday, January 27.

Spring 2022 Deadline (for projects starting July 1, 2022 or later):  Student applications due Thursday, May 12.

SRG Spending Deadline:  Fri., May 13

Deadline for Turning in Receipts: Tues., May 17

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