Summer Research Applications

January 2022 Update:

Due to the rapidly changing public health situation, we are still determining the exact form that summer research will take in 2022. We have every intention of offering in-person, on-campus research if allowed to do so, but can not guarantee it. In the interest of allowing lead time for making summer plans, though, we are opening applications on a provisional basis. Students and faculty are encouraged to develop proposals based on in-person research being allowed with something like the Winter 2022 safety protocols in place, but should give careful thought to contingency plans in case we are not able to have students and faculty working together on campus.

Once again, the College will fund Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowships for students doing scholarly work with faculty members.  The main goal of this program is to give strong students the opportunity to pursue a subject in-depth over the summer, under the guidance of faculty members.  Each student applicant must have a faculty sponsor.  The range of supported activities is broad – bibliographic work, field surveys, and laboratory research, among others.  One goal of this program is to give the student an opportunity to work on faculty research, but we also encourage innovative student-generated projects as long they have faculty sponsors.

Summer Research Fellowship Requirements
List of Fellowships
Summer Housing and Dining

Selection Criteria

This is likely to be a highly competitive application process.  In previous years we have funded projects from all areas of the College.  College-wide distribution will be one of the criteria used to award fellowships.  The Committee on Undergraduate Research will also take into account the following when selecting fellowship recipients:

  • Quality of the student proposal
  • Level of faculty support for the student and the project as expressed in the letter provided with the application
  • Faculty mentor rank (junior faculty have priority)
  • Student class (juniors, sophomores, then first-years, in order of decreasing priority, except for Scholars fellowships, where first-years and sophomores have priority).
  • Student GPA

Application Materials


Directions for Students:

1.  Find a faculty member who is willing to work with you on a summer research project.
2.  Read the Summer Fellowship Requirements.
3.  Prepare a resume listing name, address, email, major, GPA, education (including relevant coursework), and other activities relevant to this application.  Contact the Becker Career Center if you need help with this.
4.  Prepare a Research Proposal of 2 pages or more in which you include the following information:

Overview, with citations (journal articles and texts; electronic resources should be cited properly), addressing how your proposed project relates to previous work of others.
Description of how you will carry out this research, including analysis/interpretation of your work.
Goals explaining what you hope to accomplish during the summer project.

5.  Ask your faculty summer research advisor to complete a recommendation form for you.

6.  When all this is ready, fill out the Summer Research Application. The deadline for submitting will be Thursday, February 17, 2022, at 4pm.

Please note that if your application is recorded, you will see the message “Your form was successfully submitted and your application responses have been emailed to your proposed summer research faculty advisor.  They will need to submit a letter of recommendation to complete your application.  Summer Research Fellowship decisions will be announced during final week of Winter term.” If you do not see this message, verify that the entries in your application were input correctly and resubmit your application.


Directions for Faculty:

You should receive an automated note each time one of your students has applied for a summer fellowship.  The email message will inform you which student submitted an application.  Use the link contained in this message to complete the recommendation for your student.  A separate form must be completed for each student applying for summer research.

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