This past weekend, I’ll be honest: I battled my first bout of homesickness. Sorry Mom and Dad – I know you’d probably love to hear that I always wish I was home. But thankfully for me, that hasn’t been the case. Now, my slump this weekend can probably be attested to the fact that due to it being both Columbus Day weekend and Yom Kippur, campus was far emptier than usual. This emptiness included almost all of my close friends. As a result of being bored, with no friends to keep me occupied, I started cruising the Facebook’s of my friends from home and getting nostalgic. Worst idea ever. Thankfully, I realized almost instantly that this was definitely going to help me. So, I developed a few helpful hints for the homesick college student:

  1. Don’t look at all those funny pictures of you and your high school friends that you’re currently tagged in on Facebook. It’s not going to quench your desire to see and hang out with them – instead, you’re just going to crave home and the familiarity that comes with it even more.
  2. Don’t call home. That sounds silly, but hearing the voice of your parents, brother, sister, aunt, uncle or whoever else you consider family will only make matters worse. Instead, do what I did: shoot Mom or Dad a text! Rather than having to explain missing home over the phone and potentially getting emotional, I instead could let my parents know I was missing them and receive a much less emotionally dangerous text in return.
  3. Keep yourself busy. I know, I know…easier said than done when all you can think about is how much you’d rather be home. But I promise it’s doable. Keeping yourself busy can include doing things like cleaning your room, painting your nails, or even doing some homework. Anything to get your mind off missing home!
  4. Watch a funny movie. This one works particularly well for me because not only does it distract you, but it inevitably puts you in a better mood. Not only can you focus on someone else’s life for a couple of hours, but you also get to laugh care freely. Laughing is quite possibly one of my favorite things in the world to do, so naturally, it makes me happier when I get to do it.
The most important thing to remember about getting homesick at school is that it happens to everyone. I promise! Just because you have a day or two or even just a few hours of wishing you were home, it doesn’t mean you’re not happy at school! It’s totally natural to miss your friends and family back at home, and let’s be honest, to miss your own bed.