a vibrant knock-off of the british icon

If you’re a college-aged northeastern fashionista with even the least bit of preppy influence, you obviously covet the Cambridge Satchel Company’s classic carry-all. The only caveat to your fashion dreams? You’re in college, i.e. you’re broke. And while the CSC’s beautiful handcrafted design isn’t necessarily breaking the bank at around $100 after the Euro – US dollar conversion (so fancy!), you might want to save some of your cash for the increased amount of take-out you’ll be ordering during this chilly winter term (Mr. Wasabi anyone??). As luck would have it, Old Navy has heard your cry and is delivering an answer; while Old Navy’s Mini-Messenger Bag doesn’t have the same glorious option of embossing (must.have.monograms!), at 1/5th of the European price, a college girl can’t complain. Besides, no one will know it’s pleather.

UK, U are lovely