From Futuristic Maison

So my newest obsession is such that I find myself staying awake way longer than I should be at night. This new love interest is driving me wild in the best way possible. It covers every thing I love from animals, babies, parties, photography, arts and crafts, fitness, etc. You name it, it covers it. I know all of you readers are on the edge of your seat in anticipation so I won’t keep my new obsession from you any longer. The site is called Pinterest and it rules.

From My Happiness

About a week ago I received a phone call from my sister and over the course of our two hour gab fest she told me about this new site she loved. She even went so far as to invite me to the site as she said she knew “I’d absolutely love it”. And she was 100% right. I created my account with slight apprehension as I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. I had seen that there were many genres of photo on the homepage, but I was confused how this could possibly be entertaining to a human. But the second I clicked off on all of my interests and the next page loaded I realized just how entertaining and time consuming this website would be. There were thousands upon thousands of uploaded photos of anything and everything known to man (and woman!). It was awe-inspiring. Then I got it. The site is a virtual pinboard. You create as many boards as your little heart desires and then categorize them based on your interests. For example these are a few of my boards: Oh my god, Shoes, To travel is to live, Wedded Bliss (I love weddings!), Little Loves (for all my furry critters), I wish, I wish (full of clothes that I want/need), Yummy, My Happiness,  and Futuristic Maison (home decor is so inspiring). Pinterest is almost like creating collages, but without the hassle. You simply sort the snapshots by interest and if one tickles your fancy you can either pin it to one of your boards, like it, or comment on it. In this way it is almost like its own social networking site just through fashion, art, style, and travel. This is the reason I love it so much. Everyone is connected through their own interests and their own pinboards which are made public to everyone. You can swap photos for your boards and see what other people are interested with the click of your mouse.

From To Travel is to Live

So far I have 10 boards and over 110 pins. I find that I can’t help myself, I literally can stay on this site for hours looking at the funky photos and beautiful travel destinations. As soon as I became hooked I called my sister up and told her how much I loved it and she informed me that she has to suppress the urge to pin even at work! One night I even stayed up until 2 am pinning and creating new boards. It’s that awesome. I suggest everyone check it out and if you become just as enthralled with it, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

From Oh Baby, Baby

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