Valentine’s Day is a day that is usually associated with chocolate, red roses, sweet candies, and a special ‘valentine’. Yet this Valentine’s day, I found myself not only binging on candy and sweets, but also participating in a flash mob.

Yup, you heard me correctly.

As apart of Kenny Community Center’s Random Acts of Kindness Week, a group of students and faculty got together in Reamer at 12:50 PM (during common lunch hour when everyone crowds the building) to participate in a flash mob!

We danced to the Cupid Shuffle, and caused quite a few smiles! (Video below!)


Later on in the evening, my roommate Meg, and two other girls from my floor, Sriya, and Ru, went to Wold to make the girls on my floor Valentine’s Day treats!

A giant-delicious chocolate chip cookie!

And we all really enjoyed eating them 🙂 (I had four cookies and two cupcakes…. call the gluttony police!)

Enjoying our delicious treats!

Overall, I’d say it was a great first Valentine’s Day at the U! 🙂