Although my twin sister, Julia, is 2 minutes younger, 1/4 inch shorter, and doesn’t have her own awesome blog, she is still one cool cat. Case-in-point: her January invitation to the Undergraduate Women in Physics Conference. As TheGarnetLetter’s first ever guest-blogger, here’s what my sister had to say about the experience:

hey Stanford, THAT

J: “In January, while the rest of my house-mates at Caltech went on our annual ski-trip, I went on my own exciting adventure up to Stanford University for the 2012 Undergraduate Women in Physics Conference. I flew from LAX to SFO to attend the weekend conference. All of the undergraduate girls (there were about 300 of us) stayed at the SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator) guest house, on the SLAC campus, just a ten-minute drive from Stanford. We attended seminars given by notable women physicists, toured SLAC, and had a nice dinner sponsored by Google. Physics is still a predominantly male field, so it was very cool to finally be surround entirely by other girls who share my passion. I guess I’ve never paid much attention to it before, but in most of my small physics classes or physics labs, I’m the only girl in the room! I also loved having the opportunity to see Stanford. When it came to college visits, Cat and I stuck to the east coast, so this was my first glance at San Francisco and Stanford University. I must say, California campuses are beautiful, but nothing beats a traditional old-school east coast campus.”

the beautiful Stanford campus