It was a Saturday early afternoon. I was exhausted from a sleepless night trying to share a bed with my friend because I accidentally locked myself out of my room, and she was quite sleepy, too. We decided that even if we did get work done that day, we’d have to re-do it on the next because there was no way we could put enough effort in right then. So what do we decide to do? Go to the mall, of course. We coerced our third into our plan, and caught the 2:20 shuttle to Crossgates. Our sluggish movements only allowed us to go to three stores, but it definitely cheered up our days.

I didn’t buy anything, but my companions each made a purchase at J. Crew. We finished up the mall trip with the best thing we could, a Starbucks stop. We caught the 4:05 shuttle back to campus before borrowing a car and driving to Bangkok Bistro for some Thai food (we had to convince Robert to bring us by declaring it a “friendship day”)

All in all, it was a great day. Despite our slow walking, and lack of planning as far as time went, a lot was accomplished. And we did finish all of our work the next day. It was perfect.


The Starbucks was so so so good.