Tonight, Black Student Union presented R.A.P. (Rhythm And Problems) – a discussion about the relationship between hip-hop/rap music and different forms of violence. Phil Poczik, the director of AOP, facilitated the event, offering us his extensive amount of knowledge on hip-hop and his own candid stories and recollections. It was my first real event (excluding BSU’s quick “Getting-To-Know-You” event toward the beginning of the school year) as the co-chair of BSU, and I couldn’t have been more happy with the turn-out.

We had quite a good amount of discussion going as we tackled questions such as:

Do you think rap music directly influences violence?
Why do rappers incorporate violence within their music?
Do people still LISTEN to the lyrics in hip-hop music?
Do you think rappers today have more or less influence than rappers in the past (such as Tupac, Public Enemy, etc)?

In total, it was a great event and I hope to have many more discussions in the future! I’ll try to post when we are having an event/discussion here, so that you guys can keep up and show up! 🙂