I decided that I was going to share a list of my favorite songs.

Rolling in the Deep: The radio needs to play it more often.

One and Only: This song takes my breath away each time I listen to it.

Aja Nachle Nachle Aja Nachle: When I am sad, I just listen to it and I am happy.

Halo Hope For Haiti: This song changed my life! I am so serious!

Rumor has it!: That is my ringtone.

Dola Re Dola: I am not sure if I love the dance or the song.

Tea and Toast: When I am too happy, I listen to it.

Non, Je ne regrette rien: A classic!

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

Settle Down: I saw the video when she had only a 100 views.

Steal Your Heart


Je T’aime

Aimer Jusqu’à L’impossible

MUSULMANES: It is an old song.


Zouk La Sé Sel Médikaman Nou Ni

Let me know what you think of my playlist. Leave a comment!