One of my best friends from high school, Shelby, goes to school in Albany. I don’t know why I hadn’t seen her yet, but last weekend was the first time I did. She literally lives the same distance away from me now as she did in high school, because she lived in a different town that attended my high school.

So on Saturday I took a shuttle to the mall to meet her there. I walked into the food court, where she said she was, and looked around for that giant head of ginger-red hair. I pretty easily spotted her, proceeding to jump into her outreaching arms. It was such a reunion.

We sat and talked for a minute before heading to a few stores. I couldn’t stay long, because I had missed the earlier shuttle to the mall, but the few hours we spent together were just like high school.
Now that we can recognize how easy it is to see each other, I expect it to happen more often, every few weekends hopefully.