One thing everyone should try in life is L. A. Burdick hot chocolate. The options are milk, white, or dark, and all are just magical. My personal favorite is milk, but I’m sure I could live solely off of any of the three.

Pretty much it’s just chocolate. If you put it into the fridge because it’s too rich to drink all at once, you’ve got some definite chocolate.

As the seasons start to change, this is one thing from home I miss the most–the days when we would wake up, stroll in the chill over to Burdick’s, and just drink this delightful drink.

If I go home for Pumpkinfest in a few weekends, you know what I’ll be doing.


(But seriously get this stuff sometime. There are shops in Walpole, NH; New York City; Cambridge, MA; and Boston, MA)

(And my good friend Marietta is a Burdick so that’s also a plus)

(And in the warmer months there is Iced Chocolate which is omgdelicious)

Quote from Union friend here after exposed: “dunkin donuts white hot chocolate wont ever be the same”

Maxin Relaxin on the grass after a good ol’ dose of Burdick’s