My parents visited Union from Friday to Saturday, and since we’re not exactly a football family (we’re a rare breed in New England), we didn’t have much interest in the football game on Saturday which seemed to be the main event.  It was probably best, then, that I decided to take my parents on a tour of campus from my perspective.  We went to the pre-game tailgate luncheon and ate with one of my roommates’ family, and then we left campus in the direction of the Communications Office and the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity house.  We made it to the Communications Office porch just in time, because it was at that moment that the heavens opened up.  Rain came down hard, and thunder and lightning to accompany it.  Hail started to fall and we listened as, off in the distance, the football stands were evacuated and the spectators were moved under the large circus tent which had been used for the tailgate lunch.  They were soon moved from under the tent as the lightning came closer.  A tent supported by a giant metal rod isn’t exactly the best thing to stand under in the middle of a thunderstorm.

My parents and I sat on the porch of the Communications Office listening to a recording of one of my radio shows that my father had taken on his iPhone.  I’d never heard my voice before on the radio, and I’m pretty pleased with my overall performance.  8.9/10, B+ for effort and participation.  We spent time catching up, talking about things happening back home, classes here at Union, and the inevitable necessity for me to get a job this winter break.  We had had weekly conversations on the phone, sent regular text messages back and forth to each other, and recently, started Skyping.  There wasn’t all too much to catch up on, but it was definitely good to see them in person.  Once the rain stopped, I showed them Beuth, my Minerva house, the radio booth in Reamer, and Jackson’s Garden.  We passed by a marriage party taking pictures at the Nott, and the weather had cleared up.  The weather certainly didn’t put a damper on anyone’s plans.

The day before, we had attended a speech by President Ainlay for alumni and parents.  We stood at a table, eating cheese, fruit, crackers, and the usual assortment of food which appears at events like that.  We were soon joined by an older couple, much older than anyone else who stood in the room.  We spoke for a while with the man and his wife, and he told us he was from the graduating class of 1946.  This man graduated college exactly 70 years before I will in 2016, and he is still coming to the Union College alumni events.  That in itself is a testament to the connection students and graduates here feel with Union College.

Then we hit the bookstore to pick up some apparel for my sisters and my niece and nephews.  Plenty of other parents had the same idea that weekend, and the bookstore was a popular place to be.  There was much communication back and forth between my mother and my sisters, and once we had found just the perfect sweatshirts for everyone based on picture messages and descriptive phone calls, we headed back to my dorm and began discussing dinner.  My parents and I went out to dinner on Saturday night at Bier Abbey, and we brought my roommates Jared and Jay, Jay’s mother, and our friend Buddy.  It was an excellent dinner with excellent company, and a great end to Parents Weekend.