I have been studying hard for my exam in my “Contemporary Problems in Macroeconomics” class (it’s today — eek!), which details the causes and consequences of the most recent U.S. financial crisis. I took the course because I knew absolutely zilch about the crisis and figured it was about time I wrapped my head around things, especially if I wanted to call myself a budding economist. And oh, how much I have learned! I’m almost addicted to the story at this point… I love learning about the entangled matrix of derivatives and how that wove through a fabric of an aging baby boomer populace and increased deregulation. I wish I had more time not to study more for the exam, but to fully appreciate all of the magnificent articles, sound clips, and videos we have read, heard, and watched! We have a lovely long winter break coming up in a few weeks and I already know I’m going to fill mine with all things crisis!

(p.s. Wish me luck?)