Last weekend was pretty k-razy.

So much going on.

Friday night was the first of many nights of me dressing up for Halloween…I didn’t know what to be so I decided to be the bottom half of a cow. My friend was the top half.

Me and some girls from my hall

Then my 6’8 friend Thomas visited all day Saturday. That was great.

Then…contrary to my original intentions for the night…I was peer pressured into dressing up again.

This time, though, I didn’t have any costume of my own so a friend put a hat from her costume on me and I wore a dress. So simple, but that’s essentially what a lot of girls where anyways!

AND then Sunday. B.o.B performed! He was so good! It was definitely worth the time to go see him.

A picture of B.o.B a friend on my hall took!

 And then it was Monday again. It goes by so quickly. And now it’s Halloween. And then Friday is my birthday. And then finals are in a few weeks. It all is just so fast.